Biography & Net Worth: Does Marty Nothstein Have A Wife? Ex Girlfriend Stalking Charges, What Did He Do?

Olympic medalist Marty Nothstein is currently single and has no wife. Find out the personal life of the athlete.

Marty Nothstein is a reputed track cyclist and has won Olympic medals for his nation.

He has bagged a gold and a silver medal at two separate editions of the prized tournament.

Marty also has been involved in politics since his professional athletic career met its end.

The 50 years old Allentown original has represented the Republican in the 2018 congress.

He also lost the election back then with a vote just above 42 percent.

Does Marty Nothstein Have A Wife?

Former cyclist turned politician Marty Nothstein has never been married but favors an ex-girlfriend who charged him for harassment issues.

Marty pursued the lady and her current boyfriend relentlessly and threatened them with warnings and tarnishing messages.

Marty has been the talk of the media after he was arrested on Tuesday evening of December 7, 2019, and was subjected to multiple charges.

The politician himself concluded that he was behind the alleged attacks on the pair and he was issuing the warning against the lady’s current partner.

Marty Nothstein also violated the couple’s private space and asked the lady for her Apple Id and password to log in and check for her recent updates and messages with her partner.

Marty, who said that he was head deep into her love, also threatened the lady with his criminal actions.

On one occasion, Marty vandalized her car and property and on another, he attacked her partner’s place demolishing the vehicles.

The pattern of attacks spun a grave doubt towards her ex-lover who was still undecided about his future steps.

The athlete and professional racer threatened the boyfriend of his ex-lover with warnings and provocative letters.

He also stated to his former partner that her recent man was into the middle school students and carves an immoral attribute.

He added that the lady was pursuing a negative aura man and he will offer more pain than good.

Marty Nothstein Indicted With Crime- Ex-Girlfriend Stalking Charges, What Did He Do?

Marty Nothstein has been charged with multiple cases of stalking and vandalizing the private property of his former partner and her boyfriend.

The charges were implied on him by the pair and they reported that the actions happened all between December 2020 -November 2021.

Nearly year-long attacks did finally come to an end after Mary was arrested on Tuesday of November 7, 2021, by the authorities.

He has been charged with the violation of private space, repeated threatening of the couple, vandalizing their property, thrashing their cars, and posing fake messages and information to tarnish the man’s reputation in the eyes of his lover.

Learn About Marty Nothstein Violation Case: What Did He Do?

Marty Nothstein, a Republican member, and candidate for Congress election has been arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend and threatening her partner.

District Attorney Jim Martin stated that the crime was harsh and such crimes of similar pattern have been increasing in the region with more cases filed at the County head office.

As for Martin. he was released on a $25000 bail and assigned the sole duty of leaving the pair alone.

He has also been fired by his employer and he has just retracted his case that he filed against his boss for such unjustified firing.