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Every year, a large amount of bread is wasted and it is used for the best production of biogas. This is unfortunate, says Pedro Blancoli, who recently received his PhD in resource recovery in the field of study from Boras University in Sweden. The results of his PhD project suggest that if bread waste is transformed into new foods and other products, it will be even more beneficial to the environment and economy.

Currently completed doctoral projects Bread Swedish Waste. Foods in particular have been overlooked in the research literature on food waste to bread.

The overall goal of the project was to design and evaluate measures to reduce wastage of bread, particularly in bakeries and large grocery stores.

“We calculated the amount of bread waste, analyzed the reasons behind it, suggested a solution, and then evaluated it in terms of potential environmental savings,” Pedro said.

substantial negative environmental impact

The project first examined food waste common in large grocery stores, understood which products were most often disposed of, and estimated their environmental impact. In particular, it turned out that bread crumbs put a huge burden on the environment.

“This was a surprise, because retailers never thought that bread would explain the large amount of waste flow,” he said.

Cooperation with bakeries and retailers

The discovery forms a collaborative project with bakeries and retailers to look at bread waste nationally, find ways to prevent it, and recycle it as raw material within the framework of a circular economy. can do I did Classified as bread waste for the production of others.

“We have confirmed that a large amount of bread is wasted in Sweden. To be precise, 80,000 tons per year, or about 8 kilograms per person per year. The current bread distribution system also wastes bread. This is an important source Turns out, but it was also able to show that wasted bread actually has a lot of value,” he explained.

eco friendly recycled breadcrumbs

According to Pedro Brancoli, the most important thing is to identify the risk from the beginning and develop effective strategies to prevent wastage of bread.

“At the same time, there is always some waste in the supply chain, and bread waste can be used as a source for the production of ethanol, animal feed, beer, or as a substrate for growing protein-rich fungi. .. These options are environmental impact from the perspective of the bread life cycle.”

How do the results of your research benefit society?

“They show that while bread can be part of a circulating supply chain, more collaboration is needed between companies across the supply chain to prevent wastage of bread and to understand its value. It is essential, and it is used by companies. It is also used to assist decision-makers to invest and work to reduce their environmental impact.”

Why is this research important?

“Food production requires large resources such as land, nutrients, water and energy, all of which affect the environment through global warming, depletion of freshwater resources and loss of biodiversity. All food produced About a third of the world’s population is lost on the way from farm to table, which is not only an environmental impact, but also has unnecessary economic costs and social costs due to reduced access to food. It also has implications, including the need to deal with food. There has been increased political and public debate about waste. At the same time, it raises awareness of the environmental, economic and social impacts it causes.”

What is the next step in your research?

“To implement and examine the measures proposed in the papers on grocery stores and bakeries. Food waste in other parts of the supply chain in Sweden and internationally. ,

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