Biography & Net Worth: Four women met Maxwell when they were teenagers.They blame her as an adult

Among them was an aspiring musician looking for his big break in show business. The second was a model trying to make an inroads into British society. The third was a difficult junior high school dropout. The last was an influential high school student.

Everything was pulled into Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit as a teenager and has now been certified as a prominent whistleblower in the sexual abuse trials of the British social notable. Ghislaine Maxwell

A woman’s testimony in federal court in Manhattan, sometimes impassioned, provided silly details about allegations that Maxwell had made her take part in a sexual massage with Epstein. The defense says Maxwell has become corrupt because of Epstein. Epstein died by suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial for his own sexual abuse.

The first three women testified that: Jane Kate and Carolyn – names or pseudonyms to protect privacy. In the end, Annie Farmer took the position of a witness, using her real name.

That’s what he said during two weeks of testimony to the government that filed the proceedings on Friday. The defense will begin its proceedings next week.


Jane described a pattern of deception perceived by Maxwell that would resonate with others. She said she was 14 when she met Maxwell and Epstein at a music camp, where Epstein was a donor.

She said that Maxwell focused her attention on how to keep her vulnerable when she was first instructed to chase Epstein in 1994 at a poolhouse in Palm Beach, Florida.

“I froze in fear,” she said, when he began sexually abusing her. “I’ve never seen a penis.”

Prosecutors sought evidence that Maxwell directly participated. Jane gives it to Maxwell and Epstein, claiming that they love her together.

As the defense pointed out, when prosecutors asked her why, she didn’t reveal everything about her experience with Epstein in her first interview with law enforcement, she said she would fight in tears. told. Difficult in every level. ,


Like everyone else, Kate remembered Maxwell’s praise and encouragement. Epstein then sexually abused her during an exchange that began in the early 1990s when she was 17 years old.

A British woman is shown interest by the media mogul’s daughter Maxwell and says she wants to be his friend. She also testified that Maxwell saw her naked for the first time after asking Epstein to stand next to her and give her a massage, and was embarrassed when it was over. ,

However, her testimony took a turn when the judge ruled in support of the defense’s claim that she should not be allowed to testify on the details of her sexual contact with Epstein.

US District Judge Alison Nathan set that limit on her testimony because she was 17 when she first interacted with Epstein at Maxwell’s London home. This is the minimum age of consent in the United Kingdom. The same was true when I later moved to Epstein’s Florida home at age 18.

Kate may have struck government with her account of having a conversation with Maxwell after a sexual massage with Epstein.

Maxwell told her, “I asked me if I had fun.”: “You’re a very nice girl.”


Carolyn’s key role was to testify in what prosecutors called the alleged “pyramid of abuse” by Maxwell.

At age 14, she was one of several disadvantaged teens who lived near Epstein’s Florida home in the early 2000s. Rumors spread that he was paying $100 bills for the massage.

When an old classmate offered a referral, Caroline said she ate. He testified that he had told her about his age, but said that this did not discourage Maxwell and Epstein.

Epstein also wanted to masturbate, caress her, and gather “friends younger than my age” “every single time.”

She said she found a 3P friend with Epstein. When it was over, “I was paid $600 and my friend was paid $300.” Why? “Because I brought him.”

She’ll find out that she takes her breath away at age 18, when Epstein tells her to bring a young girl instead of hiring her for a massage.

“And that’s when I realized I was too old,” she said.

Annie Farmer

Farmer, now 42, is a psychologist who spoke publicly before the trial against Epstein in civil lawsuits and through media interviews. He repeated the ways in which Epstein and Maxwell believed they might be protectors, but only betrayed his trust.

On the stands, she explained to the jury her history with Epstein when she was 16 years old and in high school in 1996. When Maxwell touched her breasts while massaging her at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch. And that’s when Epstein unexpectedly crawls into bed with her and pushes her against him.

Feeling helpless, she thought, “I wanted enough time to end this situation,” and made an excuse to go to the bathroom and hid there.

The defense said Maxwell “harassed” her and that Epstein rubbed his genitals against her, with a $1.5 million claim provided by the compensation fund established for Epstein’s victims. He tried to knock the farmer by exaggerating his claim.

The farmer pushed back. Her goal has always been to see Maxwell “responsible for the damage she caused”, she said.

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