Biography & Net Worth: agrees to acquire RotoSports for $ 27.5 million in cash and shares

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Affiliates and Media Companies Group Limited Final deal signed to acquire a fantasy sports news and advice provider Lotto Sports Co., Ltd.operator of, total purchase price of $27.5 million.

The cash and equity transactions are expected to close in early January 2022 and are subject to normal closing conditions.

According to, the acquisition is expected to “immediately expand” its presence in the United States and generate immediate revenue growth in 2022. The group said it will leverage RotoWire’s existing audience, content library, workforce, media participation and trust. US sports fans will further accelerate growth in the US online sports betting space.

RotoWire’s digital assets, combined with the group’s digital expertise and technology platform, said it will drive significant growth in affiliate revenue in a rapidly growing sports betting environment.

CEO Charlie Gillespie Description: “Over the past 25 years, the Peter and RotoWire teams have produced some of the best fantasy sports content in the United States and now it is. Put your business at the heart of the American sports experience.

“Commercially, the RotoWire business has three distinct sources of revenue, each of which generates more than $1 million annually, bringing significant reach to advertisers and individual sports fans as well as sports media organizations. These deepen And long-term customer relationships make it the perfect platform to take advantage of the new era of American sports, betting and gaming.”

Peter SchonkeRotoWire President and former President of the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association said: The Group’s resources and experience will help RotoWire accelerate the distribution of sports betting to take full advantage of this new era. ,

Of the total $275 million purchases, $75 million will be deferred for two years after closing. The total purchase price is expected to be approximately four times Roto Sports’ estimated 2021 revenue.

The group will pay $20 million at closing, which will include $15 million in cash and $5 million in newly issued unregistered common stock, valued at the volume-weighted average price of the past 10 trading days.

In addition, $2.5 million and $5 million will be paid out on the first and second anniversaries of the closings, respectively, both independent of RotoWire’s financial performance. The group may choose to pay up to 50% of each deferred amount of unregistered common stock.

“Soon after closure, we will begin working to expand sports betting content and tools across RotoWire’s digital assets,” Gillespie said. “The combination of these two complementary businesses will provide immediate revenue growth in 2022, lay the foundation for leadership in sports betting in the United States and facilitate short-term, especially long-term value creation for the shareholder. I am confident.”

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