Biography & Net Worth: Honor Killing: Was Amina Said Mother Patricia Owens Said Charged With Murder? Where Is Boyfriend Joseph Moreno Today?

Amina Said’s mother Patricia Owens Said was not charged with murder. It was her father, Yasser Saeed who committed the crime of killing his two innocent teenage daughters.

Patricia was relieved when police took her into custody 12 years after her daughter was murdered. She said that she did not know why her ex-husband killed her daughters.

The Dallas Morning News revealed that after 12 years of pain waiting for Patricia to lose her children, “all I can say is that justice is going to be done”.

In 1998, the sisters informed the police that their father physically and mentally tortured them. But, he later forgave the allegation against his father. Maybe he threatened them to do so.

Amina’s friends confirmed that she had come to school with marks and told her that her father kicked her because she had received a note from her boyfriend. Sarah was able to dial 911.

On calls she could only say, “I am dying” over and over again and when the rescue team reached the spot, the sisters were already dead. Patricia said that Yasser felt that the girls had been modernised.

Being a Muslim, he did not like them to lean towards western life. The police nabbed his son Islam Said and his brother Yasin Said for helping them evade arrest.