Biography & Net Worth: I Love You For Infinity Tiktok Song: Meaning and Lyrics, Learn How To Do The Trend

I Love You For Infinity TikTok Song has made everyone obsessed over the trend. Find out what it really is about here. 

TikTok is always up with new trend challenge that makes the user more entertained. Even among those challenges, the transition has been everyone’s favorite. 

People have loved doing the transitioning videos and facing the challenges on TikTok. Moreover, the viewers also enjoyed the transitioning content with the viral trend. 

In the same way, the new song of transitioning challenge is taking over TikTok with the song “I Love You For Infinity.” 

I Love You For Infinity Tiktok Song

The new song I Love You For Infinity is taking over TikTok, and it has been the longest trend going on till now. The most viral song got released by a notable singer named James Young. 

Back in 2017, he has released the album under Atlantic Records named “Feel Something.” While Infinity is from the album, the singer has earned success.

Moreover, with his song going viral over TikTok, the album is gaining more popularity. The song has won the trend as every TikTokers have got allured by it. 

“I Love You For Infinity” is a smooth song with beats in it, that makes the song unique and magnetizing. 

@magnus_the_orange How did we do…? 😸 #iloveyouforinfinity #cat #catsoftiktok #foryoupage ♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

I Love You For Infinity Meaning – Here Is The Lyrics 

I love You For Infinity is a love song where the vocalist expresses his feelings towards his lover. However, only certain parts of the lyrics have gone viral over TikTok, and it goes as:
“Cause I Love You for Infinity
(Oh, Oh, Oh)
I Love You For Infinity
(Oh, Oh, Oh)
Cause I Love You for Infinity
(Oh, Oh, Oh)
I Love You For Infinity
(Oh, Oh, Oh) 

Users following the trending challenge have only used this part of the song for transitioning short content. 

@atlasacethehusky #KraftMacMeSkip #fyp #huskypuppy #foryou #iloveyouforinfinity ♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

I Love You For Infinity- Trend Explained

People have used different light sources to follow the trend. However, TikTokers have mainly used ring light for their content. 

Many people on TikTok have followed the challenge by turning the lights on and using a light source like a ring light. During the process, people transitioned in between when the light got off.

It basically creates a silhouette of the user with the light and the light source slowly moving away. Many users have used hashtags #InfinityChallenge and have millions of views over the video. 

Moreover, many TikTok stars have taken over the Infinity Challenge which makes it more viral.