Biography & Net Worth: Is Bridget Moynahan Leaving Blue Bloods, What Happened To Erin Reagan On The Show?

It’s hard to leave a profession after a decade or more, and Bridget Moynahan’s role as Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods is no exception. She has been a regular on the popular CBS cop drama since its inception in 2009, but has no plans to leave anytime soon.

Mrs. Moynahan thought about her future outside the Reagan family, whether it was because of a desire to take on a new task or to take on a new challenge. She may be considering her next move once she first joins the Blue Bloods.

When Donnie Wahlberg and his charisma arrived, Bridget almost went into that part. Nevertheless, it is a sad fact of the television industry. Even after fully committing to it, there was no proof that the series would make it through the pilot phase.

Over the years, Moynahan has focused a lot on her future. Also, Yahoo! Jeevan met the Blue Bloods actress and inquired about her plans for the future.

Mrs Moynahan is looking for something with the Mare of Easttown or The Handmaid’s Tale. She believes that there is much more to women for employment, opportunities and great screenwriting.

As a result, Reagan found that new adventures were constantly knocking at the door. She also told the producers of the Blue Bloods cast that she was thrilled when the show took her long to get this job in New York to raise her children with their father.