Biography & Net Worth: Is Martin Gelbspan Dating Michelle Young – His Girlfriend Details Explored

After six weeks on the show, Martin Gelbspan was eliminated from The Bachelorette; People are curious to know more about him, especially about his girlfriend. 

Martin Gelbspan was shown the doors on the six weeks on the show by Michelle Young.

Many fans believed he was the one for Michelle as he even scored a one-on-one date with her during the November 9 episode of The Bachelorette.

Young abruptly eliminated Gellspan after his comments about her came to light.

He talked about her with other contestants, calling her “immature” for not dealing with her past”trauma.”

And, when Olu Onajide told about Gelbspan’s comments, she decided to kick him off the show.

The show is nearing the end as only three guys are left Natye Olukoya, Joe Coleman, and Brandon Jones.

Bachelorette: Is Martin Gelbspan Dating Michelle Young?

No, Martin Gelbspan is not dating Michelle Young anymore.

The show The Bachelorette in itself is a dating show.

Michelle gets the opportunity to date the male contestants and choose one among many whom she will marry.

On the other hand, Martin only lasted for six weeks on the show and was eliminated.

Does Martin Gelbspan Have A Girlfriend?

Martin Gelbsapn admitted to having a girlfriend right before coming to the show.

Martin was heard talking to other contestants during the Men Tell All on The Bachelorette.

The 29-year-old further claimed he was taking a break from women while on the show.

However, the name of his love interest was never mentioned, so it is hard to confirm whether Martin was speaking the truth or not.

To confirm, we dug into his Instagram but didn’t come across a single picture that indicated someone special to him.

Who Is Martin Gelbspan Girlfriend? Her Age

Martin Gelbspan doesn’t have a girlfriend, as far as we know.

Martin, currently 29 years old, was among the contestants in season 18 of The Bachelorette.

He was on the show to charm Michelle Young, the 28-year-old elementary school teacher.

Who Is Martin Gelbspan? His Wikipedia Explored

Martin Gelbspan is not available on Wikipedia.

However, we can find his short bio on the ABC website.

Similarly, many articles have been written about him after he rose to fame from Michelle Young’s The Bachelorette.

As per his bio, Martin was born in Argentina and later moved to the USA with his family at ten.

According to his LinkedIn, Gelbspan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Florida International University.

Similarly, as per his account, he owns Gelbspan Fitness in Miami and also works as a real estate agent.

We can find the professional trainer on Instagram under the name @gelbspan.