Biography & Net Worth: Is Rapper Sleepy Hallow Shot Dead? Real Name And Net Worth Exposed

The rapper is best known by his stage name Sleepy Hello. In June 2021, there was a massacre in which one person was shot dead while another was injured and taken to hospital. Because of their stage name, many people confused the two separate events.

While he has nothing to do with the incident, the rapper was involved in some criminal activities during his teenage years. He was sent to the Juvenile Detention Center when he was caught with cannabis at the age of 15.

He is completely fine and doing well in his personal and professional life. Reportedly, Sleepy is a member of a street gang, The Eight Trey Ginsta Crisp. He joined the gang after he was released from Kishore. The report also states that his good friends and frequent collaborators are also members of the same set.

It was the same gang where both the creators met each other for the first time. To clarify that he has not been involved in any crime till date while being associated with the gang.