Biography & Net Worth: Is Rosa Koire Dead? Here’s What Happened To The ‘Behind The Green Mask’ Author

Rosa Koire is an author widely recognized for her book “Behind The Green Mask” published in 2011. Is she dead? Obituary and Causes explained.

Rosa Koire was a commercial real estate appraiser with a forensic approach who specialized in eminent domain valuation before she retired. She believed that most of the funding for the sustainable development land-use programs gets through the redirection of local charges to redevelopment offices.

From being the co-founder of The Post Sustainability Institute, a non-profit organization, to working for 28 years as a District Branch Chief for the California Department of Transportation, she spent her life in California. 

UN Agenda 21 has spread the country over. As an ever-increasing number of individuals, the world becomes mindful of the expanded limitations on their property privileges and the techniques used to execute social designing. Through her sites

Is Rosa Koire Dead? Obituary 

Rosa Koire went to her death bed on the 30th of May, 2021. She is the woman known for the UN Agenda 21. The woman with a strong point of view from California was silently fighting her physical illness. 

Her body was taken at the funeral on the 31st of May, 2021. It was attended by all the family and friends, including her colleagues. She received lots of condolences on and off social media.  

Rosa Koire Cause Of Death

Rosa Koire’s cause of death happens to be her serious illness. She was suffering from a lung disease, which is expected to be lung cancer. While fighting for the inventory and controlling every living and non-living essentials, she failed to fight her illness.

The plan for the 21st century proposed by the UN does not just aim at sustainable development and recycling but also moves the mass population to the city areas from the rural areas.

On the other hand, she also explained the dark side of so-called sustainable development.

Rosa Koire Age -How Old Is She?

Rosa Koire’s exact age is unknown. People have been mentioning it to be 50 years which is not valid. She happens to have graduated with her bachelor’s in the year 1982. So, she must be at least 20 years old at graduation time.

She was born in the 1960s who must have been in her sixties at the time of death. She began her professional career right after graduation, having almost 30 years of work experience at the time of death.