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Endowed with an exceptional talent, Jennifer Westhoven is a highly successful American journalist employed at Headline News, where she covers topics of business, economics and money with a major focus on how these stories affect audiences personally. Huh. She also frequently makes an appearance on the HNL weekend show Clark Howard, serving the network from its Atlanta base, being part of the HNL program Morning Express with Robin Meade since 2006. With more than two decades of experience in television, he has made a mark for himself with all his dedication and hard work. Regarded as one of the influential figures in the media, since the beginning of his career, he has delivered work of importance. On 16 August 1971, she was born in New Jersey, where she developed a strong passion for journalism and was planning to come out as one in her later life.

He completed his education from Bryn Mawr College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History. She joined Reuters in the year 1993 after graduating. He was hired by Reuters, an international news agency, to cover the stock market’s shield for the duration of the tech blunder. In addition, he has interviewed some of the most important personalities in the financial world such as Goldman Sachs AB Joseph Cohen, Richard Grasso as well as former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski. During his 7 years of experience with Reuters he gained some good links and networks as well as qualitative banking experience before leaving Reuters in 2000. After leaving his job from Reuters, he was hired by CNN in the same year for their affiliate network CNN. , At CNN, he performed his roles and responsibilities with all the responsibilities and at the same time gave the job to the best of his efficiency. For CNN she has reported on various stories including the job markets, the September 11 terrorist attacks, the 2008 financial collapse and the growth in the Chinese economy, and most importantly she has reported live from the NYSE floor. She is also engaged in coverage of breaking news from Wall Street, corporate America as well as personal finance, and making her audience aware of how these affect consumers individually. Giving 20 years in journalism, his stories are read by millions of people around the world as they are read in newspapers in various countries including the Washington Post, New York Times and London Financial Times. Although her salary is not publicized by her employer, we are sure that CNN entertains her with good salary while her net worth is nowhere on the internet.

The importance of Jennifer Westhoven’s personal life, this popular journalist is married to her boyfriend Joy Palais. A musician by profession as well as a yoga teacher, became the husband of this formidable reporter in 2007, a year after the couple announced their engagement in 2006. She became pregnant with their first child as a son, whom they welcomed on April 21. 2011. Their child whose name is James is 2 years old from now on. The pair have been married for a long time and are going strong together. Both respect and love each other. It is highly unlikely that these two will file for divorce anytime soon.

With a height of five feet and three inches tall, she is considered as one of the hot babes of television whose figure is the perfect measurement of 34-32-36. She looks perfect with her outfits as she wears only what hides any blemishes as well as shows off her curves and her long stunning legs with nice legs. Along with being the mother of a son she didn’t take herself lightly to pretend as a woman in her forties and at the same time her job of keeping him young and beautiful is just phenomenal.

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