Biography & Net Worth: Kelly Holland Lexington Ky Murderer Family Massacre, What Happened To Summer Holland?

Kelly Holland, a murderer who worked in Louisville, Ky, and not in Lexington, is now serving a prison sentence without parole in Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. 

NBC has released a documentary related to the massacre of the Holland Family. Even the police and investigators who were part of this case said horrendous and the evilest act they have ever witnessed. 

Where Is Murderer Kelly Holland From Lexington Ky Now?

Kelly Holland, a murderer of his own family, is in Indiana State Prison now. He was convicted of killing all the members of his family. 

On March 26, 2000, Corydon, Indiana, made a shocking discovery of one of their neighbors who they thought as a good and soft guy. 

Kelly Holland called the police to request a wellness check on his family because he claimed that he could not reach anyone. He worked an overnight shift in a distribution center in nearby Louisville, Kentucky. 

However, the police discovered four dead bodies in the house; Holland’s wife, Summer, two kids, Dillian and Marrisa, and his mother-in-law, Donna.

Donna and Summer were shot with a .9mm gun in their head, whereas the children died of smoke inhalation caused by an intentionally set arson. Kelly reached home and dropped down when authorities informed him of the homicide. 

Kelly Holland Killed His Wife Summer Holland and Kids

Initially, police did not suspect that Kelly Holland killed his wife Summer and the kids. So they first went on to the neighbors and Summer’s ex-boyfriend. 

However, they had a solid alibi and no evidence were found that would prove that the incident involved any of them in the homicide. Thus, the police shifted their attention to Kelly. 

And, they found the evidence to prove that he was the one who murdered all his family members. Finally, he confessed that they had a troubled marriage though he and Summer were married for a few months. 

However, he did mention that he wanted to make things right with her that night, but could not remember why he killed them. 

Kelly Holland Committed Family Massacre 

Kelly Holland massacred his family in 2000. He took a plea for his life without a chance of parole in exchange for the death penalty. 

According to Summer’s sister, when he pleaded guilty, he did not drop a tear of sadness or guilt. He was not remorseful of what he did. Thus, she believes that his initial intention was to kill his wife that night and she would never forgive him fro what he did with her sister.