Biography & Net Worth: Larry calls on MTA to offer discounted rates to Bronx commuters with “Freedom” tickets

FORDHAM, Bronx (WABC) — Monday’s rally in the Bronx promoted giving commuters more options for paying fares, including discounted rates for Metro North tickets.

To make sure she can pick up her son from school on time, Tatiana Ricciardo has to spend extra money.

She can take the Metro North instead of the Metro to get to Fordham from Pennsylvania Station in just 19 minutes. Then he has to pay money to board the bus and go home.

“The Metro-North Railroad costs $7.25, but you have to take a bus here, so it’s $2.75. Imagine having a lot in a week,” Ricardo says.

As a result, elected civil servants and transportation advocates are asking the MTA to provide so-called “freedom” tickets to Bronx commuters.

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It provides access to Metro North at a discounted rate and offers free metro or bus transfers.

“There’s no reason why people living in Connecticut and other states other than New York City could be faster and proportionately more accessible to New York City,” said Bronx Congressman Kenny Burgos.

“This great rail infrastructure runs in the neighborhood, but it’s expensive and not affordable for many neighbors … it’s ridiculous,” said MTA board member Andrew Albert.

The MTA has an existing Atlantic ticketing option in southeastern Queens, offering riders a discount of up to LIRR.

Supporters say that spreading the concept across the city benefits both sides. Passengers on the Metro-North Railroad are still below pre-pandemic levels, reducing commute times for residents and providing financial support to government agencies.

“It is up to us in the Bronx to achieve justice, fairness and justice,” said Bronx Mayor Vanessa Gibson.

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The MTA board will vote on Wednesday for a similar program called City Ticket.

Only during off-peak hours, we offer discounted Metro North fares without free transfers.

Supporters of Freedom Ticket say it’s not advanced enough.

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Larry calls on the MTA to offer discounted rates to Bronx travelers with “Freedom” tickets

Source Link Larry calls on the MTA to offer discounted rates to Bronx travelers with “Freedom” tickets