Biography & Net Worth: “Look Me In My Eyes” Tiktok Song Is The New Rage, Here Are The Lyrics

“Look Me In My Eyes” TikTok Song is a new rage you need to get familiar with; More on the trend. 

A new trend has been hitting off lately on TikTok, making all the users go crazy over the song. People have followed up the trend whenever there is a new update. 

With TikTokers taking over any hit songs and making their short video content, it won’t take a min to go viral. Keeping up with the latest updates; itself has been like a trend among the users. 

Also, people have found it fun and entertaining to follow up on the trends and explore new updates. 

“Look Me In My Eyes” Tiktok Song Is The New Rage

TikToker recently started participating in the new trend, with the song “Look Me In My Eyes.” The song is the new TikTok remix of the H.E.R “Could’ve Been” ft Bryson Tiller. 

The users have used the song with the slow beating and the beats. This remix has made it sound more attractive and soothing. 

People have found the song gentle and hypnotic. It might have been the reason for people getting the hang of music. 

Looking into; the users enjoying the songs, it might last longer than other trends. Regardless of what, TikTok is in the new rage for the music. 

@iheartdrizzy_ in bryson we trust #fyp ♬ original sound – s

 “Look Me In My Eyes” Here Are The Lyrics 

The song is a slow jam of the originals with slow beatings. The main lyrics of the song are longer.

However, only certain parts of the lyrics got used on TikTok. It goes as:- 

“I ain’t just your friend; No, What’s the point of Lying?
Tryna sell a story ain’t nobody buyin’
Look me in my eyes; don’t that feel nice?”

The lyric itself is a masterpiece of H.E.R featuring Bryson Tiller. And with a bit of a change, it has been most trending among TikTokers. 

@ac3app.rocky Look Me in My Eyes🥺🥺 #fyp #Single #lookmeintheeyes ♬ Lookmeinmyeyes – Iloveslowedmusic🧸

“Look Me In My Eyes”- How To Do The Trend

The trend is simple to follow. The users have to use the song and create their video. 

Most of the videos are transitioning content. However, many users have used different concepts to use the song. 

What’s more, TikTokers are free to use their own new creative concept for the song. Following that, comedy content on the trend has also attracted many viewers. 

People with the “Look Me In My Eyes” song have created a comedy transition. And lip-syncing short content videos till now.