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5 Fast Facts You Must Know About Marceau Scott

  • Marceau Scott is only 40 years old now. His net worth is $10 million.
  • Scott is married to his girlfriend turned wife Latisha Scott. However, there are many rumors related to his extra-marital affair and cheating scandals.
  • He is the chairman of Sholt Industries.

“Love and Marriage: Huntsville” star Marceau Scott is an American commercial producer and general contractor. In addition, he is a member of Sholt Industries, Inc. is the chairman of. In addition, Marsau is popular because of the show “Love and Marriage: Huntsville”.

Has Marceau Scott ever cheated in a relationship?

The show “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” is about three couples who are real estate developers in Alabama. It shows the conflict between relationships and friendships. Whatever the content, the show is full of drama.

In the first season, one of the actors was found cheating on his wife. Melody Holt’s husband Martel Holt breaks her trust. He had cheated on a girl. Therefore, Melody was no longer able to trust him.

During the Season 2 trailer, Martell accused Marceau Scott of cheating on his wife, Latisha Scott as well. Yes, Marsau, who seems to be such a loyal man, has been accused by his friend. Not with one woman, but with 20 women.

Additionally, the trailer also shows the fallback group’s dissolution and Melody’s still unable to trust Martell.

How old is Marsau Scott?

Scott is handsome as well as fit. The pictures he posts on Instagram certainly seem to be in his late 30s or early 40s.

According to, Marsou is only 40 years old as of 2019. He must have been born in 1979. His date of birth is still under the curtains.

At the same time, his wife is 42 years old. Whatever the age difference, this couple seems perfect together. But, does Marsau feel the same way?

How much is Marsau’s net worth?

Marsau is an entrepreneur and a commercial contractor. Only by his profession, we can be sure that he is a wealthy man. Despite this, the actual net worth of Marsau is yet to be disclosed. He is a millionaire with his wife.

So, Marsau Scott’s net worth must be more than $10 million.

Who is Marso’s girlfriend? Who is his mistress?

Latisha Scott was his girlfriend whom he married. Despite that, Marsau has not seen any other girlfriends.

However, he is accused of having extramarital affairs with 20 other women. But whether the allegations are true or not, it is not yet known. If yes, then everyone is interested to know the names of their mistresses. For now, this is just a rumor and not the truth.

Marceau Scott’s Wiki and Bio

As mentioned earlier, Marsau, 40, is a commercial contractor. He is also a member of the show “Love and Marriage: Huntsville”. Marsau’s exact date of birth is still unknown.

Concerning his education, he completed his BBA in International Business from the University of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical in 2004. Later, he graduated from the University of Alabama with a master’s degree. In addition to being a commercial contractor, Marsau is also a cost analyst and an entrepreneur.

Apart from this, his personal life is also quite happy. He has a beautiful wife. Latisha Scott. The two have three children together. They have one son and two daughters. The family of five is happy. But, will it remain a happy family despite the allegations against Marsau?