Biography & Net Worth: Millikin University Professor James Gordon Wolcott And Famous Murder Case, Here Is The Full Story

James Gordon Wolcott is a professor at Millikin University. He has not yet been featured on Wikipedia as of now. Let us learn more about the professor. 

James Gordon Wolcott is a University professor. 

In 1967, he reportedly murdered his entire family. Following the murder, he was committed to a psychiatric hospital until 1974. He faded into obscurity before becoming a university professor.

James Gordon Wolcott Wikipedia – Millikin University Professor Murder Case

James Gordon Wolcott’s biography has not yet been featured on Wikipedia.

Wolcott went to Georgetown High School for his studies. He was reportedly arrested at the age of 15 after the murder of his entire family.  Later it was testified that Wolcott was paranoid and had delusions of persecution at the time of the murders. He was ultimately not found guilty by reason of insanity.

Until 1974, he remained at Rusk State Hospital and was later released after a court found him sane after just 15 minutes of deliberation.

Following his release, Wolcott kept to himself and faded into obscurity. In 2013, the media found that Wolcott had changed his name to James St. James. He had also been a psychology professor at Millikin University in Illinois for the past 27 years.

When the revelation was reported in the media, the university mentioned that it appreciates his efforts to rebuild his life and obtain a successful career, irrespective of his traumatic experiences. 

Wolcott joined the faculty at the university in 1986 and in 1997. He had also received Teaching Excellence and Leadership Award in his professional career. 

James Gordon Wolcott Wife 

James Gordon Wolcott has not mentioned his wife yet. 

It appears that he is not married and does not have a wife. 

James Gordon Family & Parents

Talking about Gordon’s Family, he was born to his parents; Gordon B. Wolcott and Elizabeth Wolcott. 

His father Gordon B Wolcott was a professor at Southwestern University and his mother Elizabeth was anticipated to become the Valedictorian at Georgetown High School. In addition, he also has an older sister named Elizabeth. The Wolcott family lived in a large white frame house near Southwestern University on College Street.

On August 5, 1967, the entire family was found shot in their home in Georgetown, Texas. In addition to that, Gordon and Elizabeth were both pronounced dead at the scene but Elizabeth Sr. died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Later, as soon as James was arrested, he confessed to the murders. He mentioned that he was tired of his mother’s loud chewing and his sister’s “bad accent.” He also added that he was annoyed at his father, who disproved of his anti-Vietnam pins and forbid him from traveling to Austin to attend anti-war, peace marches.