Biography & Net Worth: Mugshot: Semmie Lee Williams Was Arrested For Ryan Rogers Murder, What To Know About Him

Semmie Lee Williams is a homeless man in the streets of Palm Beach Garden. He has been arrested based on the allegations of Ryan Rogers’s murder. 

A 14 years old boy, Ryang Rogers, went missing from his home on November 15. He was found dead on Central Boulevard near its Interstate 95 overpass after a day he vanished. 

Now, the police have arrested a homeless man on suspicion of his murder. So, who is this murderer? And, why did he kill the teenager? Let’s find out. 

Who is Semmie Lee Williams?

Semmie Lee Williams is identified as a homeless man from Miami. The 39 years old was taken into custody on Wednesday from Miami. 

On November 16, Ryan Rogers was found dead 3 miles away from his Palm Beach Garden home. He was last seen riding his bike away from home the night before being murdered. 

The police claimed that he was fatally stabbed to death. Police Chief Clint Shannon called this homicide a ‘random act.’ He added that the innocent child had an encounter with a violent criminal. 

Shannon also mentioned that Williams had no ties with the Palm Beach area, and they did not know what he was doing there that day. He mostly wanders in the streets of Miami and probably used different types of transportation to reach Palm Beach Garden. 

He was arrested after the police found evidence matching the DNA found at the scene. However, the officer did not mention how did DNA help them to reach the murderer. 

Mugshot Of Ryan Rogers Murderer, Semmie Lee Williams

Police have released a mugshot of Semmie Lee Willimas, who is the murderer of Ryan Rogers. Ryan was a freshman at William T. Dwyer High School. 

According to The Herald, investigators could track Williams down to Miami-Dade County through his YouTube page. It contains a small collection of weird videos. The videos also show him in the Palm Beach Gardens area around the time of the murder.

The videos are all weird and have thumbnails like “gang stalking” and “evil stalkers standing in the middle of the road.” 

What Are The Arrest Charges On Semmie Lee Williams?

The authorities have arrested Semmie Lee Willimas on charges of the first-degree murder of Ryan Rogers. During a brief hearing Thursday morning at the Palm Beach County Jail, Circuit Judge Charles Burton denied bail for Williams.

Authorities conducted the hearing via video conference from his jail cell. Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office represents Williams, and his attorney advised him not to speak in front of the court on Thursday, reported Miami Herald. 

Furthermore, he was detained in the cell for medical reasons.