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The hot and gorgeous millionaire, Nancy Shevel is a familiar name to Beatles fans and the entertainment world. She is the wife of a lively and busy business heiress and veteran and living musician and vocalist of top band The Beatles, Paul McCartney. She is also the heir and VP of Cheval Group O companies, making her the richest person in the world. He has many companies to his name and is one of the top business figures in the world. With gorgeous looks and high profile lifestyle, she has developed into one of the most caught female personality.

He stepped into this world in November 1960 in Edison, New Jersey. Being born into a wealthy family, she lived a lavish life as a child. She was born with Jewish ethnicity. His father was a trucking agency pioneer and founded New England Motor Freight. She was born to Myron and Arlene and has a brother and sister. Her brother’s name is John and her sister’s name is Susan. He had a good childhood with a good education and his family was supportive and prosperous. She holds British nationality and even has family ties with Barbara Walters, as she is Walters’ second cousin.

His career in business was one of paternal ownership and he didn’t have to do much to admire the ownership of well-known companies. He had the grace and attitude to confirm the smooth functioning of several companies as he has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman. He is a member of The Chevel Group of Companies, LLC, The Chevel Group Carrier Industries, Inc., New England Motor Freight, Inc. She works as the Admin/Vice President for NEMF and is also the Manager of NEMF. He has been recruited by several firms to oversee accounts, profit analysis, corporate level communications, purchase and supply of products and additional equipment for the firm, etc. Her duties differ from each firm and she is associated as a reluctant and principal head to all the subsidiaries and main companies under her name. Her fame as a businesswoman has made her one of the most sought-after and respected female businessmen in England and the world. Along with his acclaimed profession and luxuries, he has an appreciable net worth as the heir to the top companies.

The beautiful and extremely talented diva of the business world with a cute face and hot physique has already been a well-known name since her link up with rock star Paul. His fame reached an even higher level after being associated with the living legend of the music industry. She immediately became famous around the world and the high profile life of the hour came to be celebrated with a celebrity status. She was earlier associated with the business world and after marrying Paul, she became the center of attraction in the entertainment world as well.

She was diagnosed with cancer in her breast and is a survivor of carcinogenic syndrome. She was friends with Paul’s ex-wife, Linda McCartney, and they were both cancer patients. Linda lost the battle with cancer but before that she became a good friend of him. She received a diagnosis in her thirties and recovered from the disease.

Nancy Shevel was in a relationship with several celebrities before Paul and she was married to Bruce Blakeman. She tied the knot with Bruce in December 2008 and divorced after 23 years together. She was also engaged to Heather Mills. However, she got engaged to Paul McCartney on 6 May 2011. The couple got married and had a blast of the procession. She has step-children from Paul and is not yet pregnant from her marriage and does not know about her children from prior marriages. As for the media, before marrying Paul is unknown about her personal life. The couple is world famous for their sense of style and charisma. They look fabulous together and are known to be one of the best dressed and cute couples. At 51 years old, she still dazzles and captivates audiences and her followers who admire her. Her presence looks splendid with her sense of style and foundation of personality. He has received much appreciation and appreciation for his works of charity and social endeavours. However, his biography is not yet published in Wiki.