Biography & Net Worth: National bicycle route through Collier County

Collier County

Bicycle routes across the country are planned to pass through Collier County, and many want to map the county to promote tourism opportunities in the area.

It is not just a bike path, it is an extension of US Bicycle Route 15, which is part of the US Bicycle Route System, which currently travels 14,000 miles in 31 states. Florida, specifically Collier County, is linked to these other states, connecting people from across the country and encouraging cycling in the region. Tourism is responsible for promoting more than 36,000 jobs, tax collection and overall positive economic benefits to the county, and those who work to promote it in Collier County continue to transform the county with the addition of this cycling route. are. This is said to prove that this is a developed area.

“Whether it’s like a bike lane, a sports complex, a new golf course, or a beach restoration, it is a destination in an area that is constantly improving and growing. It is a great example, and it provides Is there a better way than to do it? Do you want to provide facilities not only to residents but also to visitors?” said Paul Baines, executive director of the Marco Island and Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau, Naples. said.

Route 15 is currently running from Fitzgerald, Georgia to the Florida border, with plans to expand across the state. Lee County proposed that the route be along Treeline Avenue, along Bonita Springs, along US-41 near the Edison Bridge, and eventually along Livingston Road in Collier County. In collaboration with the Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Board, the Collier section continues through Livingston Road, the Golden Gate Parkway to Santa Barbara Boulevard, Radio Road, SR-84, and Collier Boulevard. It ends with US-41.

“In general, I think residents, as well as visitors, are a lot more active,” Birnes says. “And we have the beauty of living in Sunshine, where it’s second nature for us to go out and enjoy these outdoor amenities, but it sure is for visitors. Plus, we’ll celebrate that we won’t be able to enjoy the seasons.” “

The Collier County Commission discussed expanding Route 15 in a meeting Tuesday.