Biography & Net Worth: New academic algorithms identify rising levels of domestic violence during blockades

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A new algorithm applied to Internet search data developed by a team of international researchers led by Royal Holloway will increase the incidence of domestic violence in London by 40% during the first COVID-19 blockade in 2020. This suggests that it can be done. Eight times the estimate based on police figures.

The new algorithm, detailed in the study “quantification” of domestic violence that could be used to evaluate violence in “crisis times” in the country, at a real-time level, offers a potential solution to crime measurement that Depends on historical and old data.

Researchers have identified 35 keywords that victims of domestic violence often search online. This includes information about assistance, evacuation, donations, assistance, legal protection, law enforcement, threatening and abusive relationships. Researchers used the daily search intensity of these keywords from Google Trends to identify keywords that predicted domestic violence crimes to the Metropolitan Police Department five years before COVID. We were able to make a discovery-based measurement of its incidence. 19.Then the blockade when implemented in the spring of 2020 researchers have observed a 40% increase in online activity related to domestic violence. In contrast, police reported that domestic violent crimes increased by only 6%, suggesting that victims are unlikely to report to the police during the blockade.

According to the investigation, the Metropolitan Police may have recorded an additional 4,700 domestic violent crimes during the blockade (in addition to the 21,500 recorded), and the police reporting rate during the measurement period continued before the pandemic. He was done. Level.

From the start of the pandemic, there were serious concerns about the potential impact of the blockade on incidents of domestic violence. Under normal circumstances, police reports provide reliable information on the ups and downs in domestic violence incidents. In the context of a pandemic, there was also concern that the blockade would reduce the willingness and opportunity for victims to report abuse.

Professor Dan Anderberg, Dean of Economics at Royal Holloway, said: -Established. Future research will also provide tools for real-time monitoring of domestic violence incidents. ,

A study by Professor Dan Anderberg of Royal Holloway, Professor Helmut Rainer of the University of Munich and Dr. Fabian Ciuda of the Vienna University of Economics, developed during the lockdown in the spring of 2020, had three economists working on the problem. Measuring potential growth. I was enthusiastic. In domestic violence during a pandemic.

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Citation: The New Academic Algorithm is Lockdown Obtained from on December 14, 2021 (December 14, 2021). Identifies increased levels of domestic violence during the day)

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New academic algorithms identify rising levels of domestic violence during lockdown

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