Biography & Net Worth: New NCH partnership to improve OB / GYN care and reduce latency


NCH ​​will launch a new partnership with the OB Hospitalist Group on Wednesday to reduce waiting times for OB/GYN patients and allow them to be treated closer to their homes.

OB Hospitalists provide 24/7 support to local OB/GYNs. NCH ​​says it needs to improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction compared to traditional triage models. An in-house obstetrician will be present at the oboe emergency room to assess the patients as they arrive to ensure timely delivery without waiting for an outside doctor to arrive. NCH ​​is also working to become a Level 3 NICU, and these obstetricians need to be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The doctor tells Wink News that it will be a very distant future when it comes to the care of women and their children by the NCH.

Dr. Thomas Beckett, Chairman, OB/GYN, NCH said: Dept. “And now, if the same situation happens, we know we can deal with it quickly.”

The program does not take the patient to the doctor, even though the doctor no longer has to reach elsewhere for the expectant mother. Instead, it helps patients to get the support they need from the OB/GYN at all times. Hospitals have also seen an increase in substance abuse. This means that someone is always there to provide prenatal care to the mother who needs it. Overall, there has been a significant increase in the health resources available to women and their children in Collier County without having to travel far.

Paula Di Grigoli, head of services for women and children at NCH, said: “For all mothers and children in Collier County, with or without a doctor … they may or may not pay.”