Biography & Net Worth: New rules for shelters with unaccompanied immigrant children in Florida

TALHASI, Florida — Sarasota’s Dream Center unveiled for the first time how nearly 60 unaccompanied immigrant children were forced to relocate because the state didn’t renew their licenses in time. A few weeks later, a week after putting pressure on the governor, how his new immigration policy caused this upheaval. A spokeswoman for Lutheran Services Florida suddenly granted Dream Center a new license on Thursday. The Lutheran service operates the shelters.

A mandatory state license was granted a day earlier by the Florida Child and Family Affairs Agency (DCF) to explain to judges why it has been barring nonprofits for months.

Calls, text messages and emails to DCF on Friday went unanswered, but it’s been a few weeks since I began reporting DCF’s silent treatments to my child care provider. Terry Dirdler of Lutheran Services Florida made the following statement:

“I am grateful that the issue has been resolved. I am currently licensed and will resume operations and continue to support vulnerable children,” she said. Dadler, however, did not know when the center would be without Will accept the accompanying children again.

But how long that mission can last, or how, in Florida remains fraught with questions for Florida shelters and others like him.

The Dream Center is one of more than 12 shelters in Florida that temporarily accommodate single immigrant children after crossing the border and before reuniting with family and sponsors. The program is federally funded by the Refugee Resettlement Administration within the US Department of Health and Human Services.

However, these shelters are also targeted by what Governor DeSantis calls the “Biden Border Crisis.” This includes a covert night flight that takes immigrants, including children, to Florida without informing state leaders or giving basic details about entry.

“I don’t know who these people are,” DeSantis said at a news conference Friday, announcing a series of legislative changes to further crack down on the state’s illegal immigration crisis.

In September, DeSantis ordered DCF to stop renewing licenses for these shelters until DCF determined they were “proof of need.” At the time, neither the governor nor the DCF had a definition of “need proof”.

When the governor announced his new law against illegal immigrants on Friday, the DCF also provided additional details of what the agency’s licensing policy would be for single-child shelters in the state. issued a new emergency rule. The rules also stipulated that the DCF did not find that these shelters were “evidence of need”. It is not clear how this was determined. Again, DCF has not responded to multiple requests for this story over the past three weeks.

The new rule requires shelters that accommodate unaccompanied children to obtain or renew their licenses as long as the federal government agrees to notify the lone child’s status before moving to Florida. I can not do this. The shelter also cannot be licensed to care for more children than the shelter’s currently licensed population. However, this rule does not apply to child care providers whose licenses expire within 45 days.

“In the short term, the program’s license may be renewed, but in the longer term it must be ratified,” said Lysette Burton of the Children’s Housing and Community Services Association (ACRC). This group is a membership organization that represents all types of child care providers, including several Florida shelters that accommodate unaccompanied children.

“I understand there are all kinds of policy debates about what’s happening at the border and how children get here, but there’s really room to pressure immigrants to change. I don’t think it’s about vulnerable children.” Behind is a mission-driven community-based organization that serves those children and serves them well,” she said.

“The cartel is taking over and smuggling is taking place. It’s just a bad situation,” DeSantis said. “It’s a really bad policy for us as a nation to basically promote it,” he said.

New rules for shelters with single immigrant children in Florida

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