Biography & Net Worth: Obituary: Bryce Nappenbach Death News – Is Toledo Ohio Single Father Really Dead?

Single father, Bryce Nappenbach who was an ironworker was reported to be dead. But, was he really dead? Let us find out in the article below.

Bryce Nappenbach was an Ironworker at Ironworkers Local 55. 

In addition, he was also a single father of a small daughter from Toledo, Ohio city.

Recently, few online news portals have alleged that the ironworker has passed away.

However, official sources have not reported any details regarding his death. On the other hand, people are worried and eager to explore the details surrounding his death.

In fact, his little daughter will be left alone since he was the only support for her. So let us find what really happened to Bryce and was he really dead in the upcoming sections.

Obituary: Bryce Nappenbach Death News: was He Really Dead?

Bryce Nappenbach’s death news has not been confirmed by the official sources as of now.

Thus, we assume that Bryce Nappenbach might be alive. However, few sources have published obituary from his close friends as well.

In fact, through a Facebook post, one of his friends named Chad Keller published his notice of death.

In the post, Chad expressed his sorrow for losing his friend. He also prayed for his soul to rest in peace and strength to his family and his beautiful daughter. 

Single Father Bryce Nappenbach: Was He Divorced?

As mentioned earlier, Bryce Nappenbach was a single father of a little daughter.

As a matter of fact, his lovely daughter seems to be around the age of 3 to 4 years old.

Being a single father, he was the sole survivor of his only child. Sadly, we could not reach out the information about his wife, so we assume that he was probably either unmarried or divorced.

However, we cannot confirm his relationship or marital status as of now. 

Bryce Nappenbach Cause Of Death Revealed

So far, Bryce Nappenback’s death cause has not been revealed on the internet yet.

Regrettably, he was a young man who was probably around the age of 30 years old. However, due to an unknown cause, he lost his life at such a young age. 

Obviously, it is a hard time for his friend and family and he will be missed forever.

We pray for his departed soul to rest in peace and our heart goes out for his family members, close one,s and especially his daughter.