Biography & Net Worth: Paige Coffey Missing Update: Dead Or Alive – Is Boyfriend Patrick A Suspect?

Paige Coffey, a missing woman from Ohio has not been found as of now. Is she dead or alive? Let us reveal the details on her boyfriend, age, height, Instagram, and more in the article below.

Paige Coffey is a missing person from Ohio who has been missing since 2019.

In fact, Paige was just featured in a new True Crime Garage podcast episode. At this time, the Bratenahl Police Department and the FBI are asking for everyone’s assistance.

In fact, it has been more than two years since Paige went missing. She is still missing to this day.

Paige Coffey’s family is devastated because they feel she is suffering from a mental illness.

Paige Coffey Missing Update: Dead Or Alive? 

Paige Coffey, the missing lady from Ohio whose whereabouts have been a mystery for a long time now.

Well, we assume that she is not dead. In fact, police are still investigating and seeking for people’s help to find her.

Anyone who calls the cops and reports her is eligible for a $5,000 prize. Her family is still in shock right now. As a result, we ask that netizens respect their privacy.

There are legitimate fears about her safety right now. Nonetheless, we must remain optimistic and hope that Paige has not suffered any harm.

On the other hand, her family is afraid since Paige was speculated to be suffering from a mental illness. Thus, it is hard to tell if she is dead or alive as of 2021.

Paige Coffey Missing: Is Boyfriend Patrick A Suspect?

Paige Coffey’s boyfriend’s name is Patrick Samar Mason Jr., and he goes by the moniker PJ.

According to reports, the FBI suspects her lover of being involved in her disappearance. However, we are unsure if Patrick was involved in such a crime or not.

So far, nothing can be proven unless an authoritative source confirms Patrick’s identity. Please contact us at 216-622-6842 if you discover anything suspect in this case.

Paige Coffey Age And Height Details

Paige Coffey was just at the age of 27 years old when she vanished in Cleveland, Ohio.

In addition, she stood at an average height, standing at 5 feet and 8 inches. Her weight was also 230 pounds, according to iHeartRadio.

She has piano keys tattooed on her arms, according to reports. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to assist with the inquiry.

She has been identified as an African-American woman who has gone missing. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is black.

Paige Coffey Instagram: Is She Found?

Paige Coffey’s Instagram profile is currently out of reach.

As mentioned previously, she has not been found yet. 

On May 10, 2019, she was last spotted. Paige’s mother filed a missing person’s report 10 days after she vanished, according to authorities. Her entire family is concerned about her well-being.

According to several assessments, she is a talented and trustworthy individual. She used to work at a Torrid retail store before she vanished.