Biography & Net Worth: Phil Butler Comedian Cause Of Death

Phil Butler, a comedian and magician, died unexpectedly, prompting condolences from the entertainment business.

The comedian, 51, is thought to have died over the weekend, according to his agency, who confirmed the terrible news on Monday.

Phil Butler was a well-known comedian who regularly did corporate jobs.

Phil Butler was also a renowned cruise ship performer who travelled widely.

Hannah Brown, his girlfriend, was believed to be heartbroken by the news.

Phil Butler had recently completed a run in Norfolk at the Cromer Pier show, where he featured in every performance.

Phil Butler was also the first comic to entertain troops on the front lines in Afghanistan.

The significance of his visit was acknowledged when he was awarded the Operational Service Medal.

Phil Butler also performed in pantomime and composed songs for other artists, including America’s Got Talent winner Paul Zerdin.

What did Phil Butler die of?

Phil Butler died a few weeks earlier, on September 30, 2021, despite the fact that his death was announced on October 18, 2021. Butler died quietly in his sleep, according to reports. The specific reason of his death has not yet been revealed.