Biography & Net Worth: Philippe Adams: A former NFL player accused of killing six people in South Carolina had a CTE, doctors say.

Rock Hill, South Carolina—The former NFL player who killed 6 people in Rock Hill, South Carolina had stage 2 CTE in April, according to a doctor who examined Philip Adams’ brain.

Officials said on April 7 that Adams had killed Rockhill doctor Robert Leslie. His wife, Barbara. He has two grandchildren, 9-year-old Edresley and 5-year-old Noah Leslie. The two HVAC technicians working at Leslie’s home, James Lewis and Robert Schueck, are both 38. Police later learned that Adams had a bullet wound to the head.

Shortly after his death, Adams’ family agreed to test the brain for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It is a degenerative disease associated with head trauma and concussion that causes a variety of symptoms, including severe mood swings and memory loss.

A neuropathologist at the Boston University CTE Center performed an autopsy and evaluated Adams’ brain. They released their findings Tuesday at the request of Adams’ family.

“While processing these results, the family of Philip Adams is deeply saddened by what happened on April 7 and continues to pray for the families of the victims,” ​​the family said in a statement. “I am happy to have a better understanding of the emotional turmoil that Philip was dealing with in the last moments of his life. I was not surprised at the results, but how serious his condition was. I was shocked to hear that.”

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CTEs that can only be diagnosed by autopsy are frequently found in people with head injuries, such as former military personnel, soccer players, and boxers. A recent study found signs of the debilitating disease in 110 of 111 NFL players who examined their brains.

The 32-year-old Adams played 78 NFL games for 6 teams in 6 seasons. He competed in the 2010 San Francisco Fortines as a draft subject for the seventh round from South Carolina. He rarely started, but played for New England, Seattle, Auckland, New York Jets and then the Atlanta Falcons in 2015.

As a rookie, Adams suffered a serious ankle injury and never played for the 49ers again. Then, with the Raiders, he got hurt twice in three games in 2012. He did not retire until 2014 and was not eligible to take the test as part of a longer and wider reconciliation between the league and former players. Trauma related injuries.

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Philip Adams: Former NFL player accused of killing six people in South Carolina had CTE, doctors say.

Source Link Philip Adams: Former NFL player accused of killing six people in South Carolina had CTE, doctors say.