Biography & Net Worth: Philippines detects the country’s first case of Omicron

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The Philippines said on Wednesday that it had detected the first case of the Omicron strain in two recent travelers from Japan and Nigeria.

According to the health ministry, a variant of Omicron was detected in a Filipino man returning from Japan on a Philippine Airlines flight on December 1. The second case was found in a Nigerian national who arrived in Manila from his home country via Oman. Broadcast on 30 November.

Both passengers tested positive for the coronavirus upon arrival, and additional test results showed they were infected on Tuesday. Omicron stresses, the dept.

Both are stuck in a government-run quarantine facility without any symptoms. According to the health agency, it is being investigated whether any of the travelers going to the Philippines are infected.

Health officials have renewed calls for Filipinos to properly wear protective masks, wash and disinfect their hands frequently, and keep them safely away from people and large numbers of people.

“We remain vigilant, adhere to minimum public health standards, and call on all non-vaccinated people to be screened as soon as possible,” presidential spokesman Carlo Nograles told a news conference. We continue to attract public attention. ,

The Philippines, hit by a pandemic in March last year, suffered one of the world’s toughest and longest blockades, the worst recession since World War II, and a 9.5% decline in the economy last year.

Health officials on Wednesday reported only 237 confirmed infections, taking the death toll to 100.

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