Biography & Net Worth: Powerful tornado kills at least 78 people in five US states

When rescuers later comb through the wreckage, the female is driven away by leftovers from the Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory.

On December 11, 2021, in Mayfield, Kentucky, broken building materials overlook search and rescue operations at the Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory with internal workers being destroyed by a tornado. It is wrapped around a tree.

Dozens of devastating tornadoes hit five US states overnight, killing more than 70 people in Kentucky on Saturday, many of them candle factory workers at giant Amazon warehouses in Illinois. This caused fatal damage.

The mayor said the town of Mayfield in western Kentucky had been turned into a “matchbox”.

The small town of 10,000 looked apocalyptic in drone footage posted by storm chaser Brandon Clement. Historic homes and buildings have been ravaged by slabs. Branches were removed from the trunk of the tree. The car overturned in the field.

“It is indescribable. The level of devastation is not what I have ever seen,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said after running for Mayfield. “I believe this will be the deadliest tornado to pass through Kentucky “

Mr Bescher said it was clear that the death toll in his state was already a “70-year-old north” and “could be more than 100 before the day is over.”

“We will lose a lot of lives in the candle factory whose roof has collapsed. It is a very dire situation,” he said.

CNN replayed a sad tape of an urgent plea posted on Facebook by one of the factory workers.

“We are stuck, please help,” says the woman, as a co-worker can hear her trembling voice moaning in the background. “We’re at Mayfield’s Candle Factory…. Please pray for us.”

After a tornado devastated Mayfield, Kentucky, on December 11, 2021, rescuers comb through the debris and a woman walks away from the remains of the Mayfield Consumer Products Candle Factory.

Woman Kyna Parsons-Perez was rescued after being anchored under a fountain.

However, Mayor Mayor Cathy O’Nan told CNN in the mid-afternoon that the rescue from the factory was unsuccessful after 3 a.m. The death toll will increase.

“When I walked out of City Hall this morning, it looked like a match,” he said of Mayfield.

“Our downtown church was destroyed, our court was destroyed … was destroyed, our water system is currently non-functional, powerless.”

Mayfield resident Alex Goodman, 31, told AFP: “It looks like a bomb has exploded in our community.” “The sheer force of the wind and rain was unbelievable.”

Bescher said the tornado that struck Mayfield was more than 200 miles across Kentucky, along with land for a total of 227 miles.

Before that, the longest tornado tracked by a US tornado on land was a 219-mile hurricane in Missouri in 1925. It was a powerful and destructive storm, with the claim that such a long-distance storm had claimed 695 lives.

One measure of the sheer strength of this storm is that when winds disturbed 27 trains near Arlington, Kentucky, one car flew 75 yards up the hill and the other landed at home. Did.

Rescuers search the remains of a Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory after it was destroyed by a Massachusetts tornado

Rescuers look for the remains of the Mayfield Consumer Products Candle Factory after it was destroyed by a tornado on December 11, 2021, in Mayfield, Kentucky.

“Unimaginable,” Biden Says

The report puts the total number of tornadoes in the entire region at around 30.

At least eight people have died in other hurricane-hit states, including two at an Amazon facility in Illinois.

In Arkansas, county officials said at least one person was killed when the tornado “nearly destroyed” Monet’s nursing home. One more person died elsewhere in the state.

Four died in Tennessee and one in Missouri.

President Joe Biden, speaking to the governors of all five states, said the massive storm system had caused an “unimaginable tragedy.” He promised to provide all necessary federal aid.

The American Red Cross said it was working to provide relief to all five states.

At least four counties in Kentucky have been devastated, and officials describe Mayfield as “ground zero.”

  • A Kentucky National Guard helicopter examines tornado damage near the city of Mayfield, which was badly hit on December 11, 2021.

    A Kentucky National Guard helicopter examines tornado damage near the city of Mayfield, which was badly hit on December 11, 2021.

  • Paramedics search the remains of a flattened candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky

    Paramedics search the wreckage of a flattened candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky.

The governor declared a state of emergency and said that several search and rescue personnel were deployed along with the National Guard.

According to, more than 500,000 homes are out of power in some states.

Amazon employees stranded

About 100 workers were trapped inside, many of them debris, after another tornado hit an Amazon warehouse in the southern Illinois city of Edwardsville.

Hundreds of workers scrambled to rescue a stranded or injured worker processing orders on a night shift before Christmas. Local media reported that two people had died.

Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha said employee safety was the company’s “top priority” and “we are assessing the situation and sharing additional information as it becomes available.” added.

Scientists warn that climate change is making storms more powerful and more frequent.

However, tornadoes in the region are rare in December.

Continuous tornadoes in China killed 12 people. over 300 injured

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