Biography & Net Worth: Ram & Priya’s Unmatched Thoughts!

Ram & Priya's Unmatched Thoughts!

Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2 15th December 2021 full episode written update: Ram & Priya’s Unmatched Thoughts!: Here we are with the written episode update “Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2” of 15 December 2021. The episode begins with Ram and Pooja. And they look so happy together, after this, we will see that he has been given a shock to his mother and brother too. So we see that “Ram declares that  he is going to be given shares to his brother and also to Priya.” After listening to this everyone gets so shocked and stunned. Follow More Update On

Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2

Priya has also remained stunned and shocked. Just after this Nandini gets so tense and worried that Ram is giving his best to Priya. But she tries to show that she doesn’t have any problem with this, but what she has been showing in front of Ram. She is getting so tense and now she has been seen planning something big against Priya so that Ram himself through her out of this house. Nnadaiani use to say that, “Great Ram I’m happy with your decision. What you have been done is right. Priya is capable of doing this as she is intelligent and smart too.” After this she also congratulates her.

On the other hand, Priya’s mother is so happy to listen to this from himself and she use to thank god. She thanks to god as Ram is going so much respect to her daughter and he thinks that Priya is so capable of handling office work. So she further says to Ram. “We don’t want this all we want is love. Not even a 5 percent sharing in business. My daughters are independent and they are doing great in their life. So thank you so much and all we want is love and respect which we have from your side.”

Later we will see that Priya is going to ask Ram why he took this action for her. As of now, everyone will be going to think that “I’m a Gold Digger.” what will people say about me now that “I have to get married to you for the money and your property.” And can you take such a big step without even concerning it to me? Whatever I have done for you is for you only not to get you money.

After this, we will see that Shivam and Nandini are planning to create issues between Ram and Priya. Stay tuned to us and also watch the full episode.