Biography & Net Worth: Rapper Roy Oblock Was Shot and Killed, Twitter Is Going Crazy Over The Live Video

According to a video on YouTube, rapper Roy O’Block was shot and killed. Who shot the rapper? Let’s learn more about the event below!

Roy O’Block aka O’Block Arrow is a rapper.

According to the video posted on Youtube, he was shot dead recently. The video went viral on social media.

In a video, the rapper was shot dead. The man who was shot and killed was later described as a Chicago rapper. It is quite clear that the shooter took off from the scene after the death of the rapper.

Apart from this, there is no update on the matter yet.

Video: Roy O’Block shot and killed

The video of O’Block’s Roy being shot dead was published on December 14, 2021.

Roy O’Block aka O’Block Arrow is a rapper from Chicago. In the video, he is first seen beating up the boy, who later gets up and shoots him.

Many people on Twitter are mourning his death after he was declared dead on the spot. In the video, we can see that the shooter immediately blew up the scene and since then there is no update about him.

Who shot Roy O’Block aka O’Block Roy?

Since the incident, people are wondering who shot the rapper.

The name of the shooter has not been disclosed yet. Judging by the video posted, it is speculated to be a gang fight where Roy O’Block and his friend first beat him up. Later, the shooter wakes up and shoots Roy several times.

Meanwhile, there is no update about his other friend and shooter as well. Apart from this, the reason behind the fight is also unknown at the moment.

Roy O’Block Age

Roy O’Block is currently 20 years old.

At present, his date of birth has not been disclosed. He is a resident of Chicago.