Biography & Net Worth: Reema Juffali Parents: Father And Mother – Everything On Juffali Family

Reema Juffali has made her Saudi Arabian parents proud by being the first-ever Saudi Arabian female race driver. Find out more about her personal life details below!

Reema Juffali created history as the first-ever Saudi Arabian woman racing driver and the first Saudi woman to hold a racing license in 2019.

She participated in an international racing competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at that time.

Fighting the gender odds of the country, Juffali has shown the world that she is of a different breed.

Her story has touched many hearts globally as she has become the center of media attention lately.

Reema Juffali Parents: Meet Her Father and Mother 

Reema Juffali was born to her supportive Saudi Arabian parents.

However, we have yet to acquire the names and whereabouts of her father and mother as of now.

It can be deduced that she grew up in a supportive family in Saudi Arabia, given her name in racing.

Moreover, she has cited her grandfather as her main inspiration, who helped her all along the way.

She paid tribute to her grandfather via an Instagram post, who passed away this August.

Reema Juffali Family and Religion Explored

Reema Juffali hails from a typical yet different background family from Saud Arabia. 

The Juffali family is native to Jeddah and follows the Islam religion.

Reema is devoted to her family and religion while also exploring the world of car racing.

She escaped the social norms of Saudi Arabian women who were banned from driving, let alone car racing.

The national ban on Saudi Arabian women drivers was lifted at midnight on June 24, 2019. 

That was when Reema emerged out and inspired other women to explore something that they had not.

It is for sure that the other Juffali family members supported Reema, who has been able to reach such heights of acknowledgment currently.

Although the car racing fraternity is still yet to welcome a lot more women, situations have seen a positive note recently.

Follow Reema Juffali On Instagram

Reema Juffali is quite a celebrity on Instagram under the username @reemajuffali.

She has acquired a verified tick on the side while 27k Instagrammers follow her.

Her Instagram feed is dedicated to her pictures on the race ground.

The fate of women in Saudi Arabia is already changing, and Reema has become one of the pioneer women towards women empowerment in the country.