Biography & Net Worth: Simar’s Father in shock to see Aarav and Simar

Simar's Father in shock to see Aarav and Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 12th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Simar’s Father in shock to see Aarav and Simar: Here we are with the written episode update of the serial “Sasural Simar Ka 2“, the episode tonight is going to start with a drama that will keep you guys entertained throughout the episode. The serial has become more appealing as Simar and Arav are now tougher and will gong to face all the challenges. Other than this we will see that Chitra and her husband come back to the Oswal mention and they use to apologize to everyone. Chitra sits on her knees and she use to request Baadi Maa then she accepts them. Follow More Update On

After this, we will see that Reema use to get so upset when she knowns that Baadi Maa accepts them. Reema is in tension as Chitra will not going to be let ‘her do what she has been wanted to be. After this, we will see that Chitra use to apologize to Sandhya. Later Chitra tells Reema that, “I’m here to support you as we both want the same thing this time and it will be easy for us to be focused on what we want. And tomorrow we will have what we want.” After this, we will see that Simar and Arav come back to their home, and the door has been opened by Sinars’ father.

He remains stunned to see them both at the door. When they both bent to thought the feet of him for the blessings. Then Simar’s dada takes back his steps and then Simar enters the house, she goes to her room but, her mother isn’t ready to accept her there and neither she uses to talk to her. Gagan is there and he tells his mother to forgive Simar and let her they have your blessings. But Indu is in anger but inside she is so upset and hurt too.

While at the Oswal mention Baadi Maa orders servant to set Vivaan’s clothes in Arav’s room. But Vivian Denise accepts Arav’s room as “he loves Arav and he doesn’t want anything which is for Arav.” Later we will also see ghat Arav apologizes to Indu and says that “I know Simar has done all this due to me and I’m the culprit so I request you to not do get angry from her.” But she is stuck to her words and tells them to leave right now. After which Simar use to apologize to her mother and tell her to forgive her. The episode will be going to end here.