Biography & Net Worth: Stephanie Olmo Height, Who Is Her Engaged Husband? Wedding Pic, Wiki, Age, Bio

The person we are talking about today in this article is a popular American broadcast journalist. Her name is Stephanie Olmo and she currently works for the Fox News.

Stephanie Olmo Wiki

As we already talked in the previous section, Olmo is a popular broadcast journalist from America. In addition to that, she is also a weather forecaster for the Fox News. She is a dynamic member for the Fox 10 team for the weather forecast. So, she keeps covering national and international weather events.

Although there is no official Wikipedia on he name, there is a lot of information on her regarding her out there. Here’s a short bio of her that we have been able to gather from different sources on the internet.

Name: Stephanie Olmo
Birthdate: August 08, 1990
Age: 29 years
Occupation: Journalist, Meteorologist
Country: America
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Relationship Status: Engaged
Fiance: Alex Lopez

So, that was some basic information about Stephanie Olmo. We will be covering more about her in the coming sections. So just stick with us to the end of this story.

Stephanie Olmo Height

As a broadcast journalist and weather forecaster,  it is obvious that she needs to make a good appearance in order to get before people. However, that’s just a formality.

Nonetheless, she has a pretty good physique and appearance. She is obviously gorgeous with an envious physique and breathtaking looks. Anyone could fall for her. That’s why I don’t like watching her weather forecast.

Yes, she is a person with immense charm and beauty. However, we can’t possibly find any information that tells us exactly her measurements. So, we can’t tell you the information related to her height and measurements at the current time.

Anyways, we don’t need her height to see what a charming personality she has got. She is beautiful, and I don’t think her height will change anything about that fact.

Who Is Stephanie Olmo Engaged Husband?

You might already know that Stephanie is not a single person. She is currently engaged to her to be husband Alex Lopez. After all, she is beautiful and popular and she is 29. So, maybe she thinks that it is the right time to marry. And we hope she will marry soon in the near future.

Anyways, she recently engaged with Alex. Although Olmo does not like to talk about her relationship before the media, we have our ways of getting information. From sources, we have come to know that she was in a relationship with Lopez for sometime before their engagement.

Age: 29 years

This is something we already talked about in the opening sections as well. However, let’s do it once again if you’re not sure about it till now.

The American journalist came to the earth in the year 1990. And she celebrated her birthday every year on the 8th day of August every year.

So, from all this information, we can conclude that she is currently 29 years of age. She’s still young.

At the age of 29 years, Stephanie looks stunning, she has a good job and she just got engaged. Don’t you think that she is living the life many people dream of?

And lastly, here’s a link to her twitter