Biography & Net Worth: Tampa’s mother pays homage to her daughter

Tampa, Florida—Recalls a young woman whose friends and family met Friday night in Savannah Mathis and said she was ambitious and had a long life, but sadly because of gun violence. I did

It’s been more than two weeks since 21-year-old Savannah Mathis was shot and killed while driving a car near Julian B. As you can imagine, his friends and family are still mourning his pointless death.

“I just want everyone to know what kind of person everyone has taken on,” La Maria Smith, Savannah’s mother, told several people on the alert.

Dozens of people gathered on Friday night in honor of the many murderous young women Savannah was murdered. People brought flowers and candles in his name and set them on fire. “And because she was so pure, we put out a white candle,” said La Maria.

La Maria is still saddened by the loss of her daughter, whom she described as a miracle child. La Maria told me that she had a serious car accident while Savannah was pregnant. “I started talking to him. For example, the kid had to be with me. You’re my first.” The doctor performed an emergency caesarean section and saved Savannah’s life.

However, La Maria said that she did not expect that the final interaction with the miracle child would be life-saving. “And the conversation continued, ‘Baby, you’ve got your wings. I know you’re at peace, and so I can move on. La Maria said.

The loss of his daughter left him in his heart to forgive those who killed him, demanding justice. “So no matter who does it, I’ll tell you to take care of yourself, but I’m calm. I’m not angry with you either. I’m sorry for you, and I’m sorry. I pray that God Forgive you like me someday,” said La Maria to a group of vigilantes.

Friends and family mourn his death wondering how and why it happened, but the police are investigating the murder and they say they need your help. Rice fields.

If you know of anything that might help the Matisse family close, call the police or call the crime scene.

Police: 813-231-6130

Crime Stopper: 1-800-873-8477