Biography & Net Worth: The proposal will bring 2,100 space manufacturing jobs to Melbourne Airport

The proposal will bring 2,100 space manufacturing jobs to Melbourne Airport

Florida’s Aerospace Agency, in talks Tuesday, will bring 2,100 expensive spacecraft manufacturing operations to Brevard County over the next three years.

Space Florida’s board of directors has approved a request from employees to complete talks with a company that plans to invest more than $300 million in a new facility at Melbourne Orlando International Airport.

The work being done is expected to benefit in addition to an average annual salary of $84,000.

The identity of the company has not been disclosed and the codename of the proposal is “Project Griffin”.

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Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfre said he was excited to see high-paying jobs in Melbourne.

“I’m looking forward to the final result,” said Alfre. “I am delighted that the city is at the forefront of the county’s economic development.”

However, Alfre warned that nothing has been decided yet.

Linda Weatherman, chair and CEO of the Economic Development Commission for the Space Coast in Florida, also expressed enthusiasm about the company’s proposed approach to the Melbourne business.

“We’re starting out with Embraer, gaining momentum from years of work this community has done, and finally building up,” Weatherman said. “It’s a big project. We’re excited about it and everything is competitive.”

Weatherman declined to disclose details of the project.

Howard Hogg, executive vice president, Treasury officer and chief investment officer of Space Florida, said in a conference call with Space Florida’s board that the agency would pursue “groove financing” for construction and equipment acquisition. where did it go.

Hogg said the staff space will also work on a lease agreement between Florida and the Melbourne Airport Authority and a sublease agreement with the real estate company.

Haug said the project is subject to availability of funds and approval of a final agreement before the board of directors.

Alfre said the proposed project has not yet been discussed by Melbourne City Council or the Melbourne Airport Authority, of which Alfre is a member.

Howard Hogg, Executive Vice President, Accounting, Chief Investment Officer, Space Florida.

Alfre pointed to the importance of vocational training initiatives in local high schools. It helps to prepare the students for such job.

In September, satellite maker Terran Orbital decided to place its new 660,000-square-foot headquarters at the former Shuttle Landing Facility (now known as the Launch and Landing Facility) at Kennedy Space Center, operated by Space Florida. Did.

The project, which was negotiated under the title Project Kraken, is also expected to create 2,100 jobs and an average salary of $84,000 by the end of 2025.

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