Biography & Net Worth: Urban Dictionary: What Does Fold Mean On TikTok? Folding Slang Meaning Explained

Tiktok, an app with billions of users, comes with new trends every day from all across the world. Find out what does Fold means on Tiktok?

Tiktok is one of the biggest platforms with billions of users worldwide. Tiktoker’s come up with new challenges and trends, making all TikTok users follow it with their twists. 

One of the most followed trends is the “Fold Challenge,” with 186 million views under the hashtag. The challenge, aka trend, took up the peak of its popularity around the end of July. 

What does the challenge represent?

Urban Dictionary: What does “Fold” mean on TikTok?

The Urban Dictionary described Fold as getting played or turned down. Meanwhile, in TikTok, the challenge is the creator’s reaction to a particular comment or situation that they find annoying, disrespectful, or surprising. 

On the challenge, TikTokers suddenly collapse while folding into half like a chair. To be more precise, the creator swings their arms over their heads while bending from their waist when their knees are locked in a place. 

The challenge that picked up the peak around July of this year is meant to be humorous. Mostly, the Tiktokers perform the trend to Foolio’s Why Would You Play With Me. There are more than 360,000 videos of the challenge under the song. 

@thegomillions WE’RE SIBLINGS 😭😭 #siblings #fyp #thegomillions @evangomillion3 @jadagomillion ♬ Play With Me – Foolio

Two sibling creators made the video on the challenge after viewers “shipped” them. The video has over 2.2 million likes and 9.2 million views altogether. 

Another popular video on the sound is TikToker @davidhtxx, showing the toy’s reaction to Andy coming home. The video has over 7.6 million views and more than 1.8 million likes. 

Meanwhile, another Tiktok user, @Polo.boy, folded, seeing a cute stranger opening the mask in public. The video also has millions of views and more than 175K followers. 

“Fold” Folding Slang Explained Here 

@davidhtxx “Andys coming!” #fyp #foryou #viral ♬ Play With Me – Foolio

Folding is slang for the reaction whenever an uncomfortable situation or comment is passed on. The Tiktokers show their response to a particular problem that they find very annoying or disrespectful, or surprising in general. 

Many creators portray the situation they have had faced in their life. They put up a comment or problem that they found to make them “fold.”

The challenge that started as a humorous one has taken up the Tiktok with millions of videos made on it. Tiktok users from all across the world have made a video on the challenge showcasing their uncomfortable situations. 

What Does Fold Stands For?

As per Tiktok, Fold is the immediate reaction of someone when there are situations or comments which make them uncomfortable in any way. People “fold” when the words are annoying or something triggering. 

Tiktok creators make a humorous version of their reaction to something they don’t like.