Biography & Net Worth: Valdosta High Coach Rush Propst Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wife Stefnie Duck And Children

Thomas Rust is a football coach at Propst High School. We’ve got all the information to share about his wife Stephanie Duck and kids.

Propst recently joined Valdosta High School in Valdosta, Georgia as head coach. He has already served as the head coach in other schools.

He helped many players get scholarships in college. John Parker Wilson (Alabama), Chad Jackson (Florida), Ryan Pugh (Auburn)

and Cornelius Williams (Troy) are among the scholarship recipients.

He began his coaching career at Ohachi in 1977 as a student assistant. He has been the target of critics over time.

Learn more about Rust Propst

Propst was born in December 1957. His age is 63 years. He was a native of Ohtchi, Alabama. From there he did high school.

He graduated in physical education from Jacksonville State in 1981.

Is Stephanie Duck Rush Propst’s Wife? Know about his mistress

Stephanie Duck is Propst’s current wife. They have got four children. However, Stephanie was not his first wife.

He married Tammy Cox in 1990, whom he later divorced from. He had three children.

Stephanie and Propst bump into each other at a restaurant. Propst was then Asheville High School.

The couple fell for each other, it was too late for Stephanie to discover that Propst was a married man.

At the time she found out the truth, she already knew that it was she who would live forever.

But the lovers went their separate ways, with no idea that Faith would allow them to meet again in the future.

Propst, on the other hand, chose the job offer from Hoover and accepted it despite Tammy’s wishes.

Tammy left with her three children, upset by her decision, and Propst chose not only the job but another woman.

Little did Tammy know that her husband was living a double life with a mistress in Hoover.

How many children does the head coach have?

With his first marriage to Tammy Cox, Propst had three children. Stephanie and Propst still felt each other for five years.

Stephanie used to follow him through the newspaper as his career allowed him to be on the news.

And Propst stays updated about Stephanie through a common friend. The news of her marriage broke Koch’s heart.

Stephanie also divorced her husband, leaving them with a child. Later when they met, everything started again.

But while Propst hadn’t divorced Tammy yet, Stephanie became pregnant and had to keep it a secret from the world.

They had another child again, and Propst had a hard time living his secret life until he divorced Tammy.

So he had two children from Stephanie and a stepdaughter from Stephanie’s ex-husband.

What is Coach’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of the American head football coach is around $600,000.