Biography & Net Worth: What Happened To Alyssa Scott Baby? Tributes Flowing After The Death News

What happened to Alyssa Scott’s baby? Is he dead? Continue reading to get all the answers to those questions. 

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott’s five-month-old Zen Cannon died, and tributes are flooding all over social media for the adorable baby. 

During a broadcast of “The Nick Cannon Show,” Zen Cannon’s father Nick revealed the tragic news and also cited how things took a wrong turn around for Thanksgiving. 

Apparently, both of the parents are crushed about the death of their 5-month-old child. 

RIP: What Happened To Alyssa Scott Baby?

After the birth of Zen Cannon, his parents noticed some odd changes, like frequent coughing and a nice large head, when he was around two months old. 

Zen, however, was taken to the doctor, where they discovered a developing fluid in their baby’s head, which turned out to be a cancer tumor. 

Later, Zen had to go through surgery to install a shunt and drain the fluid. Nick Cannon came to Los Angeles to be with his son Zen after the toddler’s health took a turn near Thanksgiving. 

On his show, Nick also cited that the incident would be a “festival of life” for his small champion, who had been taken from them way too soon. 

Zen Cannon Death News

This is heartbreaking as the five-month small baby, Zen Cannon, is dead due to a brain tumor. His death news has ripped all the hearts of the netizens as well. 

When Zen was just two months old, he started to have some changes in him, and for three months, the small toddler fought for his life. 

Additionally, his parents must be devastated right now as their five-month toddler has died. We hope Alyssa and Nick find the strength to cope with this loss soon. 


Who Is Zen Cannon? Age Explored

Zen Cannon was the child of Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott, who was born on June 23, 2021. He was just five months old when he passed away due to a brain tumor. 

Similarly, Nick Cannon had seven children, born in the same months as twins like Zion and Zillion. On the other hand, Alyssa remained silent about her son’s death, as she appeared to be heartbroken.

Apart from this, Zen’s father, Nick Cannon, is 40 years of age, whereas his mother, Alyssa Scott, is 28 years of age. 

Alyssa Scott, however, has shared a heart-touching picture of baby Zen, where she is holding him in her arms.