Biography & Net Worth: What Happened To Lawrence Weiner? Everything On His Wife And Family

A godfather of the conceptual art movement, Lawrence Weiner has died on Thursday. What happened to him? Find the reason behind his death. 

An American conceptual artist, Lawrence Weiner, was one of the central figures in the formation of conceptual art in the 1960s. 

The Bronx native’s work often took the form of typographic texts, which is a form of word arts. 

Before he became the known name for his graphic text works, Weiner achieved fame within the art world for his masterpieces that called upon the people presenting them to enact certain tasks. 

Lawrence Weiner Death Cause: What Happened To Him?

A godfather of the conceptual art movement, Lawrence Weiner has sadly passed away at the age of 79 on Thursday. 

Lisson Gallery and i8 Gallery announced his death; however, the details surrounding his death haven’t been revealed yet. 

In an interview in 2020, Weiner, however, has talked about his treatment for an unspecified form of cancer. But, we are a bit unsure about the reason behind his death as it hasn’t been released on trustworthy sources yet. 

Weiner will be dearly remembered for his outstanding and amazing artworks. 

Obituary: Lawrence Weiner Wife Alice

As per his Wikipedia profile, Lawrence Weiner was a married man. He was married to his wife, Alice. 

It is believed that the couple lived on Bleecker Street for over thirty years before they moved to their current residence and studio in the West Village. 

In addition, it is also cited that the place once was an old laundromat built-in 1910. And in 2008, the place was transformed into a five-level townhouse designed by the firm LOT-EK. 

Further, details on his personal life are not available at the moment. 

Lawrence Weiner Net Worth Explored

When the conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner died, his net worth was estimated to be in millions of dollars. 

However, the specifics of Weiner’s earnings, profits, and net worth, on the other hand, remain unknown. 

Lawrence Weiner, however, was regarded as the godfather of conceptual art. All his life, Weiner has earned many honors and awards. 

Not only that, he has written books like “Skimming The Water” in 2010 and “Green As Well As Blue As Well As Red” in the year 2012. 

Similarly, he is and will always be regarded as a founding figure of Post-minimalism’s conceptual art, which includes the artists like Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Sol LeWitt, and Joseph Kosuth.