Biography & Net Worth: What Is Chocolate Party Song Tiktok? Barbie Lyrics and Trend, What Does It Mean?

Chocolate Party Song TikTok is a parody or a mixture of Queen’s Other One Bites the Dust and Mad About Bars from Harlem Spartans. The artists in it are Bis and Mizormack.

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

“Bake at the party, the chocolate barbie is waiting for me for a yo…… who’s in the back, I’m riding the shotgun, drivers unknown.”

@yumemic IM sorry this song #MizOrMac #anotheronebitesthedust #remix #memes MizOrMax bites another dust remix –

Lyrics of the song are by Harlem Spartans and Beats Another One Bites the Dust.

Drill sensei has mashed the two songs, put them together, and turned it into a rap/remix version of Tik Tok.

He has also done many similar edits by mixing popular songs.