Biography & Net Worth: What Is The Kam Trend On TikTok And How To Do This Challenge?

TikTok is running rampant with another new trend, the Kam Trend. Read on to know more about being a part of this challenge. 

TikTok ranks fourth in Social Media Popularity with more than 1 billion active users.

With so many users looking to entertain and be entertained, it’s no wonder challenges, songs, effects blow up on TikTok to become the next hottest trend for weeks on end.

There are plenty of trends that made a list in 2021; however, we will cover the KAM trend today.


if ur offended by KAM2020, you’re the type of men we’re talking about

♬ 4 morant – lovdfilmz

What Is The Kam Trend On TikTok?

Beginning from South Asia, the Kam Trend is a new TikTok challenge that makes its way to other continents. However, some are mistaking it for the trend of 2020, the KAM2020 movement. 

KAM stands for “Kill All Men,” which started making rounds on TikTok as a joke about extreme feminists. The phrase came about from a Youtube Video by Jenny McDermott where he reportedly said, All men must be killed,” and “male babies must be killed. This was meant as a way to rid the world of male chauvinists.

We hope Jenny was not serious when he posted it, but some consider it quite profound. It was initially posted on YouTube, which is now removed from her page and her other content.

Supposedly a short clip posted on Twitter by the username @mel_faith1 is the cause for the KAM on TikTok. Her account is currently suspended, and the clip is not available.  

That was the 2020 KAM trend. The present trend is related to dancing and not at all about men. 

This new trend has beautiful girls dancing to music. Even celebrities have followed the trend, though it is mainly from Asia now.  

The videos created are gaining millions of views. 

Kam Trend: How To Do This Challenge?

To perform the Kam trend, you will mostly need some dancing and video editing skills. Some fashionable clothing items wouldn’t hurt either. 

Next, choose the song of your liking. Now comes the dancing part, which can be primary or contemporary. Moving on, you will need to take the help of some effects to help with your transformation. 

In the last and final step, you must change your appearance so that your clothes fit the anime, gaming, or cultural attire.

Go ahead and upload it on TikTok after making your video.