Biography & Net Worth: What Is The Kam Trend On TikTok And How To Do This Challenge?

Starting with South Asia, Kama Trend is a new TikTok challenge that makes its way to other continents. However, some are mistaking it for the 2020 trend, the KAM2020 movement.

KAM stands for “Kill All Men”, which started doing the rounds on TikTok as a joke about extreme feminists. The phrase comes from a Youtube video by Jenny McDermott, where she reportedly said, “All men should be killed,” and “Male babies should be killed.” It was meant to be a way to rid the world of male fanatics.

We hope Jenny wasn’t serious when she posted this, but some take it quite deeply. It was initially posted on YouTube, which has now been removed from its page and its other content.

A short clip posted on Twitter by the username @mel_faith1 is believed to be the cause of KAM on TikTok. Her account is currently suspended, and the clip is unavailable.

That was the 2020 KAM trend. The current trend is about dance and not men.

In this new trend beautiful girls are dancing to the music. Even celebrities have followed the trend, although it is mainly from Asia now.

The created video is getting millions of views.