Biography & Net Worth: Where Is Gypsy Rose Now?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is best known for planning with her online boyfriend to murder her own mother Dee Dee Blanchard.

Many people were left in shock at the actions of Gypsy Rose’s mother, Dee Dee which apparently left Gypsy Rose with no choice other than planning her execution.

Gypsy Rose grew up with her mother Dee Dee. However, Dee Dee made claims about Gypsy Rose’s health which resulted in a series of dire diagnoses and medical interventions. Shockingly, Gypsy Rose wasn’t actually unwell but her mother had fabricated those diagnoses in order to receive attention and sympathy for taking care of her ‘sick’ child.

Medical experts believe that Dee Dee’s behavior stemmed from the mental disorder Munchausen syndrome by proxy due to Dee Dee’s strange desire to have total control of her daughter.

After the birth of Gypsy Rose in 1991, Dee Dee claimed her daughter had sleep apnea. When Gypsy Rose turned 8 years old, Dee Dee also claimed that her daughter was suffering from leukemia and muscular dystrophy and as a result claimed that her daughter required a wheelchair and feeding tube. Dee Dee continued to diagnose Gypsy Rose with medical issues such as; seizures, asthma and hearing and visual impairments.

As a result of Dee Dee’s claims, Gypsy Rose took a hoard of medications and had to sleep using a breathing machine. Gypsy Rose also went through some surgical procedures including; procedures on her eyes and the removal of her salivary glands.

The truth was that Gypsy Rose Gypsy could walk, didn’t need a feeding tube and did not have cancer. In fact, Gypsy Rose’s baldness was because Dee Dee shaved off her hair.

Dee Dee had some nurse’s training, so she could accurately describe symptoms, and she sometimes gave Gypsy medication to mimic certain conditions. To the outside world, Dee Dee was a charming mother whose devotion to her ‘sick’ daughter was second to none. When Gypsy Rose was old enough to talk, Dee Dee instructed her not to volunteer information during their appointments so as to enable her pass on information about Gypsy Rose’s fake medical history.

Dee Dee made Gypsy Rose’s father, Rod Blanchard believe that their beloved daughter had a chromosomal disorder that had led to many health issues. However, when some of Dee Dee’s family noticed that Gypsy Rose didn’t seem to need a wheelchair and asked questions, Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose moved away. In 2005, Dee Dee claimed to be a victim of Hurricane Katrina so as to receive assistance to relocate from Louisiana to Missouri.

As Gypsy Rose grew older, Dee Dee began to lie about her age, going as far as altering the dates on Gypsy’s birth certificate so as to make her daughter seem younger. However, Gypsy Rose was becoming increasingly difficult for Dee Dee to control.

In 2011, Dee Dee tracked down Gypsy Rose after she tried to run away with a man she met at a science fiction convention. Even though Gypsy Rose was 19 years, Dee Dee convinced the man that she was a minor. After the incident, Gypsy Rose reported that Dee Dee smashed her computer, physically restrained her to her bed, sometimes hit her and also denied her food.

Gypsy Rose had had enough and she joined a Christian dating site, where she met Nicholas Godejohn. Gypsy Rose told Nicholas Godejohn the truth about her mother’s actions and ended up asking him to kill Dee Dee so they could be together. In June 2015, Nicholas Godejohn came to the house and stabbed Dee Dee. After the act, Gypsy Rose returned with Nicholas Godejohn to his home in Wisconsin where they were eventually found by the police.

In 2016, Gypsy Rose pled guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, though she’ll be eligible for parole beginning in 2024.

In 2018, Nicholas Godejohn was found guilty of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Gypsy Rose is presently very healthy and has said that she enjoys more freedom in prison than in the life she shared with Dee Dee.