Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Alhaji Sow? Everything On The Florida Tech Stabbing Case

A student at Florida Tech, Alhaji Sow who was assaulting and stabbing students with an edged knife on Friday was shot to death. Who is he? Let us reveal his ethnicity, religion, and details on the incident in the upcoming section below.

Alhaji Sow is a Georgia native who is a sophomore at Florida Tech studying aeronautical science.

In addition, he began assaulting and stabbing individuals with an ‘edged knife’ between 10 and 11 p.m. on Friday in Roberts Hall, a student dormitory, according to the police.

Around 11 p.m., when approached by Melbourne police and Florida Tech Security, he allegedly rushed at them, prompting them to draw their weapons.

Florida Tech Stabbing: Who Is Alhaji Sow?

As previously stated, Alhaji Sow was an aeronautical science sophomore who assaulted students in the Florida Institute of Technology dorm building while armed with a knife.

He was then shot and killed by officers after lunging at them when confronted.

Some students are blaming the school for not informing them quickly enough, with the first Facebook notice arriving almost an hour after police arrived.

The incident is being investigated by the Melbourne Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Alhaji Sow Ethnicity And Religion Revealed: Is He Muslim?

Alhaji Sow’s being to the African-American ethnicity. 

In addition, he was from Riverdale, Georgia. He was 18 years old when he was fatally shot in an armed confrontation station with police officers.

With an edged weapon, the 18-year-old reportedly rushed at officers.

Although his religion remains a mystery, others speculated that he was a Muslim.

However, as of yet, there have been no stories on the internet that show his genuine ethnicity or religion.

Was Alhaji Sow Shot By A White Officer?

Alhaji Sow was probably shot by a white officer on the Florida Institute of Technology campus in Melbourne.

He was shot and killed by police after wielding a knife at students. It’s unclear how many shots struck Sow. According to Fox 35, officers conducted ‘life-saving efforts,’ but he was declared dead at the site.

According to Florida Tech, there were no significant injuries among the students. At this point, the attacker’s motivation is unknown.

A five-year veteran of the Melbourne police department was also hurt in the incident. At this time, the extent of his injuries remains unknown.