Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Ariada Korol? Everything To Know About Leonid Greyser Sister

Leonid Greyser’s sister Ariada Korol was just three months apart from him and had maintained a good bond.

Ariada Korol was killed by a Russian Killer brother.

Her brother Greyser is known as a Russian’s infamous criminal.

Who Is Ariada Korol? Leonid Greyser Sister

Ariada Korol is the sister of Leonid Greyser, who killed his blood family mercilessly, committing a sin.

The teenager, claiming to be possessed by Satan Lucifer, confessed that he was told by Satan to murder his own sister.

The siblings lived with each other as they share a rented flat in a suburb known as New Moscow. . According to Daily Mail, Ariada’s dead body was found in the hallway of an apartment block. She was found without any clothes, naked, and with multiple stab wounds on her body, which is inflicted by Leonid.

As per the neighbors, they heard Ariada’s screams and when they wanted to see what’s going on, they saw Greyser undressing while praying and drawing demonic symbols on his head and sister’s body using her blood.

Ariada Korol Death By Murder Story

Ariada Korol’s death was a murder which was done by his younger brother.

The 21-year-old girl was killed for nothing. Neither there was hate between these sister and brother pair nor was there any imperfect relationship or bond. But, what’s weird and not understandable is then why? why Greyser felt no hesitance or remorse in killing his own sister.

When asked by the courtroom about the reason for him killing Ariada, he replied that it was necessary and he feels no regrets at all.

The next headline that he created then was his escape from a ceiling. While his trial was still ongoing, Korol miraculously tried to escape through the ceiling which can be seen in the video. Fortunately, the available officers were present there and managed to stop him in time.

A year ago, in 2020, Greyser was sentenced by Shcherbinsky district court for compulsory psychiatric medical treatment as per LadBible.

Details On Ariada Korol Parents & Family 

The details about the deceased Ariada Korol’s parents and family remains unexplored on the web.

Either the identity of their parents has been concealed or their parents never came forward in this siblings murder case. 

Ariada Korol Photos

Ariada Korol’s photos are extremely limited in number.

We only found two photos of the deceased on the virtual platforms.