Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Ariel Pennington? Man Arrested After Assault On Flight Attendant In LAX Flight

The man arrested after assaulting a flight attendant on a Delta flight to LAX is Ariel Pennington. According to KTLA, he was released on bond, after spending nearly 5 hours in prison and paying a $334 fine.

There was no immediate indication whether the flight attendant or the intervening air marshal were injured. However, according to Gregory, the FBI is expected to bring charges in the case.

Furthermore, the incident comes amid a recent flurry of belligerent passengers, leading to flight disruptions. Based on data from the Federal Aviation Administration, more than 5,500 incidents have been documented this year.

In addition, the FAA has issued a zero-tolerance policy against unruly passengers, which has increased fines. As a result, some passengers have been charged with federal crimes.