Biography & Net Worth: Who is Ashley Kosak, Sexual Harassment Allegations Against SpaceX

Who is Ashley Kosak, Sexual Harassment Allegations Against SpaceX

Who is Ashley Kosak, Sexual Harassment Allegations Against SpaceX – Age, Instagram, and more!: Nowadays, Former Mission Integration Engineer SpaceX employee named Ashley Kosak is hitting the headlines after talking about sexual assault allegations against the organization. Yes, you read it right that She spoke about the incident related to sexual assault that happened to her. Ashley Kosak is one of the most successful women. Recently, she has been getting viral on social media and receiving much attention from the netizens. The woman went viral after sharing her stories of sufferings at her workplace and college. People have been searching to know more details about Ashley Kosak. Through this article, you will get all the information regarding her stories. Follow More Update On

Who is Ashley Kosak?

Ashley Kosak recently revealed that what struggle she had as a child. She said that she suffered from an abusive sexual assault at her college and workplace as an adult. She stated that somehow she made herself ready to share her story. As per the sources, Ashley Kosak is a former employee who was appointed as an intern at SpaceX in 2017. In 2019, she become a part of the team as a build reliability engineer and worked full-time. Later, she was promoted to the high post of mission integration engineer. She served for over 2 years.

Ashley Kosak: Age, LinkedIn, Instagram

As per her LinkedIn profile, Ashley is currently working for Apple as an operations program manager. He joined the Apple team in December 2021, after leaving SpaceX in November. Recently, Ashley published a short essay that pointed out her experiences in his workplace. In the essay, she wrote that when he was working as an intern, one of her fellow team members followed her and also grabbed her butt. She revealed that the disgusting behavior of her senior, however, the complaint never reached HR regarding his behavior with her.

SpaceX: Ashley Kosak Sexual Harassment Allegations

After all that, she still managed to survive there for 2 years. Till the time, she worked there, several men approached her, but when she realized that nothing is getting changed so she quit the job immediately. According to the reports of the Vege, she decided to share her story because she doesn’t want newcomers also suffer from all this, they should be aware of physical abuse and sexual harassment, which they might have had should not be avoided. The short essay of her has been published in Lionness. Ashley is active on the LinkedIn page where she has shared all her work experience and job details. However, she is not a public figure. Stay tuned with us for more updates.