Biography & Net Worth: Who Is beth_b_20 On TikTok? Jordan Turpin Has A Significant Number On Social Media

Jordan Turpin is beth_b_20 on TikTok. Find out more about her in the article below.

Jordan Turpin, one of the Turpin children, is present on TikTok as @beth_b_20.

Talking about the Turpin children, they were abused by their own parents. Deprived of food and proper hygiene, the siblings were chained to beds and locked in the house. In fact, they had been subjected to abuse for many years.

Three years after being rescued, Jordan and her sister have spoken about their experience in the interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s 20/20.

Following the interview, the fans have been curious about Jordan Turpin. Let us learn about her in detail.

Who Is beth_b_20 On TikTok?

Jordan Turpin is beth_b_20 on TikTok.

@beth_b_20 ♬ masquerade – 𝐙

Her bio states ‘No bio yet.’ Likewise, her TikTok contents are both entertaining and informative.

One day, Jordan ran away from her parents and called 911. She informed the police about their situation, and all of the siblings were rescued from their parents’ abusive home. Additionally, Jordan’s parents have been sentenced to prison. They pled guilty to 14 felony counts including cruelty to dependent individuals and child endangerment.

Jordan Turpin Has Over 56k Followers

As of today, Jordan Turpin has amassed 108.9k followers on TikTok. Her followers’ count has been on the rise since her interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s 20/20. In fact, she has garnered more than 181k likes on her videos.

@beth_b_20 #fyp #trend #transition ♬ original sound – Kiera Lyons 🕯🕰🗝

Jordan’s sister, Jennifer, can also be found on TikTok. She is present on the video-sharing platform as @Jenkat88. Both the Turpin sisters have the same bio on their TikTok profiles.

Their interview has not only given us an insight into their lives but has also helped us realize how brave they are. Moreover, they have inspired all of us.

beth_b_20 AKA Jordan Turpin Videos

You can find Jordan Turpin’s videos on her TikTok account beth_b_20. The fans have commended her bravery in the videos. Similarly, they have showered the comment section of her TikTok posts with love and Support.

The Netizens want to send Christmas gifts to the Turpin children and have even asked Jordan to create a Venmo account. You can go through the comments of her videos by following Jordan on her TikTok handle, beth_b_20.

On the other hand, most of Jordan’s TikTok consists of her dancing to songs playing in the background. Looking at the videos, she seems to be an excellent dancer.

@beth_b_20 #fyp #21stbirthday ♬ original sound – -🖤🖤