Biography & Net Worth: Who Is James Willis AFL? Wikipedia Bio & Age Explored

James Willis is not on Wikipedia.

However, you can find his bio on various websites. In fact, his selection in the AFL has been covered by almost all news portals.

Willis is a skilled footballer as he has played as a midfielder, winger and half-forward. He has also been dubbed as a ‘versatile’ player.

During the 2021 campaign, he had an average of 24 disposals. Willis was also selected in South Australia’s state Under-19 squad. However, he could not be a part of the team due to injury.

According to Rookie Me Central, Willis’ strengths are versatility, athleticism, explosiveness, scoreboard effect and inside-out balance. Willis’ ability has been his biggest advantage.

Moving on, the age of Willis is 18 years old, He was born in 2003 and is 10. celebrate your birthdayth July every passing year. For someone his age, Willis has already established himself as a skilled player, and fans are eager to see him play in the AFL.

Along with the fans, we are also sending them love and support. He had an excellent career.