Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Joanna Lopez? Missing Chicago 1989 Case Wikipedia Details To Know

Joanna Lopez was a missing person from the Chicago, Illions whose case never got solved. Learn more about her life below.

Joanna Lopez was a mysterious court case that rattled internet users across the globe.

The odd missing person photo broadcasted, and little to no information about her disappearance puzzled people even three decades later.

Redditor and cold case hunters cannot fathom what happened to the poor girl.

Taking about Redditors, netizens across all social media platforms are trying to piece together the puzzle that got left unsolved in the 1980s.

Joanna Lopez Wikipedia And Age: Photos Revealed

Joanna Lopez is a young child from WMAQ in Chicago, Illinois.

According to the web archive, she was born around the 1980s. They reported that she was on a flight to the UK, but they landed elsewhere.

She and her family got captured, and the entire family got listed as missing in Chicago.

Although this would explain why no one bothered to follow up on her missing case, we are unsure how true the story is.

Who Is Joanna Lopez? Details About Missing Chicago 1989 Case

Joanna Lopez was a girl from Chicago who got reported missing in the 1980s through Chicago TV.

On January 14th, 1989, a black and white picture of Joanna got shown to news viewers. The photo was of low quality, and it got hard to distinguish the person.

Besides the pictures, there were no descriptions like age, height, or appearance. But there was a phone number of the Chicago police department. 

The mysterious thing about the case is no one knows anything about it.

The haunting picture got revealed a second time in 1991 doing WMAQ TV signoff. 

Like the first time, there was no information accompanying the photograph.

Who Was The Parent Of Joanna Lopez? Is She A Real Person?

The parents of Joanna Lopez are mysterious. Internet users think the entire family is missing.

Conspiracy theorists can’t help but think she was not an actual person.

After an extensive search conducted by defrosting closed cases, they found that she wasn’t on the missing person search list.

The user also linked to a Jane Doe who resembled the victim’s age.

As she got discovered in 1994, the timelines also matched. According to the dow network, she had an unrecognizable face and got found in Chicago.

Moreover, the reason for her death was homicide. There is no confirmation that she is Lopez.